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August 25 SDForum Virtual World SIG : Entropia Universe

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  • Studio SFO
    allo Futurists, I thought this event might interest you, as a basis for discussing the future (actually, the present) of virtual economies and virtual worlds.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2008
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      'allo Futurists,
      I thought this event might interest you, as a basis for discussing the
      future (actually, the present) of virtual economies and virtual
      worlds. It seems a lot of people are mentioning virtual worlds as
      being "disruptive" but what's missing is the "why?". I'm always
      trying to push the discussion as far as possible so please do join us
      with your insights.

      Event is free for members of SDForum (http://www.sdforum.org/vwsig)
      and streamed online from http://www.virtualworldsig.com and otherwise
      $15 for live meeting in Palo Alto.
      See you there!
      Bob Ketner

      "Virtual Economies with Real Results: Entropia Universe"
      Mon. Aug. 25

      Perhaps no other virtual world has pushed the concept and execution of
      virtual economies as far as Entropia Universe. Launched in 2003, the
      free-to-play Entropia has a user base of over 800,000 users today,
      generating over $400 Million USD in-game turnover in the economy.

      Blurring the lines between games, virtual worlds, and real economies,
      Entropia was chosen in 2007 by the Beijing Municipal People's
      Government as the platform of development for the Chinese "Cyber
      Recreation Development Corp" (CRD). The project will create a
      cash-based virtual economy for China that encompasses
      business-to-business transactions and other sophisticated economic models.

      Not only innovative in economic terms, the Entropia world is being
      deployed this year using the CryEngine 2, which will deliver stunning
      graphical experiences not yet seen on a wide scale on the web. On
      nearly every level Entropia Universe is leading in virtual world
      innovation, while extending the reach of the experiences from the game
      directly to real-world ATM's.

      The change brought about by virtual collaboration is only beginning to
      be understood. Join us for a unique look inside the merging of real
      and virtual economies via one of the most fascinating virtual worlds
      today - Entropia Universe

      John Bates Bio:

      John Bates represents Entropia Universe and is responsible for
      business development, strategic marketing & PR initiatives throughout
      North America.

      An Internet pioneer since 1987, Bates is an owner of Goldstar.com the
      world's leading direct marketer of live entertainment. John co-founded
      BIGWORDS.com, a leading youth marketer and textbook seller. John
      consults companies on sales, marketing, brand advocacy, as well as
      Internet strategy & public relations. Bates has guided the explosive
      growth of companies from zero to millions in revenues and has
      experience in virtual worlds dating back to 1994.

      John is a highly sought after speaker and has garnered excellent
      ratings at diverse venues like South by Southwest, Harvard's
      Cyberposium, WebAttack, Jupiter Online Developers Conferences,
      Vanderbilt School of Business Distinguished Speakers Series, St.
      Gallen School of Business World Leaders Symposium, VeerStichting
      Symposium, Virtual Worlds, Virtual Goods Summit and more. John brings
      passion, enthusiasm and long experience in virtual worlds.

      6:30 PM - 9:00 PM August 25, 2008
      Pillsbury Winthrop
      2475 Hanover St.
      Palo Alto, CA
      *LIVE* online media linked from http://www.virtualworldsig.com
      About the SDForum Virtual World SIG: http://www.sdforum.org/vwsig
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