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Virtual World SIG (Special Interest Group) Seeks Co-Chair

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  • Studio SFO
    allo futurists, I am recruiting for a 3rd co-chair for the SDForum Virtual World SIG. It s a topic I thought someone in this group might be interested in.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2008
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      'allo futurists,

      I am recruiting for a 3rd co-chair for the SDForum Virtual World SIG.
      It's a topic I thought someone in this group might be interested in.

      It's a volunteer position but there are some requirements:
      1.)You must active, knowledgeable, and downright passionate about
      virtual worlds of all platforms. It's good to know the topics of the
      Metaverse Roadmap as examples.
      2.)You must be able to be a futurist of sorts to program relevant
      events at least 6-9 months in advance along the lines of the Metaverse
      Roadmap topic lines.
      3.)You must be local to Bay Area and able to help out with on-site
      logistics of running the sig according to SDForum guidelines.


      Virtual worlds are among the most important concerns of futurists
      today - be a part of it! Can't do it? Recommend someone! The flyer
      I've distributed elsewhere is below.

      See you tomorrow at SAP - If you're interested let's chat and see you
      there (after 730 or so).

      See you there,
      Bob Ketner
      bob [at] studiosfo.net

      Flyer text:
      Do you live in virtual worlds?

      Do you treat your virtual friends better than your "real" ones?

      Have you ever introduced yourself using your avatar name?

      Then you might be virtual worlds-obsessed enough to be a Co-Chair of
      the Virtual World SIG !

      This is a volunteer opportunity – but a good one! We meet bi-monthly
      in Palo Alto. The group has been ongoing for nearly 2 years. You
      will join 2 existing Co-chairs Bob Ketner (Studio SFO) and Corey
      Bridges (Multiverse) to plan and produce these engaging events that
      have been the source of groundbreaking collaboration in virtual worlds.

      Primary duties include: Collaborating on selecting and approaching
      speakers, coordinating the live event in Palo Alto and also inside
      virtual worlds. You will also become involved in SDForum as a
      volunteer which includes many benefits on its own.

      You should be enthusiastic and unbiased about the various virtual
      worlds platforms. Also important is a forward-looking insight that can
      project relevant events and important topics 6-9 months in advance.
      To apply please contact Bob Ketner bob@... with a brief bio
      and why you would like to volunteer for it. A list of 2-3 suggested
      speakers for a SIG meeting and possible topics you would consider
      important would also be good. Interested parties will have to be
      approved by SDForum to become Co-Chair.


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