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Digital Dharma Future Salon

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  • markfinnern
    Hi Futurists, Happy Holidays. It has been a while, but in the new year we will have an interesting Future Salon to get your gray matter firing. Weblog post
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2007
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      Hi Futurists,

      Happy Holidays. It has been a while, but in the new year we will have
      an interesting Future Salon to get your gray matter firing.

      Weblog post with links:

      Digital Dharma The Path of Consciousness in the Age of the Infosphere

      Aren't we all interested in expanding our consciousness, at least when
      we are not amusing ourselves to death ;-)

      Steven Vedro has written a user's guide into Expanding Consciousness
      in the Infosphere: Digital Dharma.

      I am happy that he will present his findings at our next Future Salon
      on Friday the 18th of January 6pm at SAP Labs in Palo Alto. (more
      details further down)

      Abstract of his talk:

      An electronic web surrounds the planet. In the last decade
      communications networks have advanced from wires to fiber optics, from
      interconnected radio and television grids to a world of billions of
      wirelessly communicating sensory devices – each with its own address
      in cyberspace. Emerging from what French philosopher-priest Pierre
      Teilhard de Chardin called the shared noosphere of collective human
      thought, invention and spiritual seeking, the Infosphere – our
      collective systems for sharing thought, is now a field that engulfs
      our physical, mental and etheric bodies; it affects our dreaming and
      our cultural life. Our evolving nervous system has been extended, as
      media sage Marshal McLuhan predicted in the early 1960's, into a
      global embrace.

      The electronic media amplify, distort and attenuate our senses,
      change our awareness, and "mediate" our experiences. But from a
      mystical perspective, everything we have created in cyberspace holds a
      lesson for our spiritual unfolding. The Infosphere is the new
      environment through which humanity must now play out its evolutionary
      challenges. If the universe itself, as many philosophers tell us, is a
      field, not just of matter, but also of information, then the
      Infosphere must hold in its microcosm all levels of human experience:
      all knowledge, all our dramas of politics and power, and all our
      dreams. This knowledge is encoded in our ubiquitous systems of
      telecommunications, and yet because it is so omnipresent, to most of
      us it is still invisible.

      This multimedia talk introduces the hidden esoteric teachings
      embedded in this electronic environment, and suggests some ways to use
      the wisdom embodied in the Infosphere to nurture what I have called a
      new Digital Dharma – an awareness practice that will help us recognize
      the social and the spiritual lessons reflected to us in the
      telecommunications networks that form the global Infosphere, exploring
      the social and spiritual challenges reflected in our cell phone mania,
      our love/hate relationship with the foolish heart of television, the
      impossibility of finding the truth over the internet, and the
      challenge of deep-seeing brought to us by high-definition digital
      broadcasting and online virtual reality.

      Can't wait for the discussions during and after the talk.

      A Future Salon has the following structure: 6-7 networking with light
      refreshments proudly sponsored by SAP. From 7-9+ pm presentation and
      discussion. SAP Labs North America, Building D, Room Southern Cross or
      Cafeteria depending on how many people sign up. SAP is located at 3410
      Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304 map As always free and open to
      the public, spread the news and please RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/2chxh5

      See you all there, Mark.

      P.S. If you can't join in person we will webcast the event and tape it
      too. Point your Quicktime viewer to the following address:

      IRC chat as always:
      Server: irc.freenode.net
      Channel: #futuresalon
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