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Reviews and Commentary by DJ Cline

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  • DJ Cline
    DJ Cline Commentary 08-31-05 Copyright 2005 All rights reserved. Commentary Pat Robertson is a man of the cloth, and the cloth is Kevlar. He wants to take out
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      DJ Cline Commentary 08-31-05
      Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.


      Pat Robertson is a man of the cloth, and the cloth is Kevlar. He wants
      to take out the elected head of Venezuela, and it isn’t to a nice
      restaurant. He preaches to a choir afraid of stem cells and Sponge Bob,
      and apparently too busy to read the second half of that book he waves

      Portland failed a disaster drill earlier this year. When it was over,
      all the undesirable people who left California were still there. The
      crime wave runs unabated, to the point that even the sheriff’s car was
      broken into… across the street from the police station.
      The jails are full and there aren’t enough management positions in
      suburban office parks for the rest.

      In Silicon Valley, Dave Studenvoll, Entrepreneur in Residence at Adobe
      talked about how he loves to start and build businesses. Given his
      position at Adobe, he is surprised more people don’t try to pitch an
      idea for corporate development to him. Alex Russel, Senior. Software
      Engineer at Jotspot is hot for something called dojo. Watch this space.
      Eric Benhamou, CEO of Benhamou Global Ventures, lamented the lack of
      philanthropy and corporate social responsibility in the community and is
      looking for ways to encourage it. The task of connecting the comfortable
      to the uncomfortable can be… uncomfortable.

      Book Reviews

      The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written
      By Martin Seymour-Smith
      It runs chronologically from the I-Ching and ends with B.F. Skinner’s
      Beyond Freedom and Dignity. Guaranteed to start arguments. Make your own

      Mammoth Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
      Edited by George Mann
      This is a hardcopy of website. All the links are in annoying BOLD type.
      Still, it is a useful reference for science fiction from the New Wave to

      Science Fiction Hall of Fame Volumes I, IIa, IIb, and III
      Edited by Lester Del Ray
      I’ve always been intrigued in the reasons for a IIa and IIb. The writer
      in me just wants to renumber this four-volume set. This has the best
      science fiction from the 1930s to 1960s. Another useful reference on
      what makes great stories.

      TV Reviews

      Kathi Griffin: Life on the D-List
      I’m not a fan of reality shows, but this is a funny and revealing look
      at a vulnerable and talented celebrity.

      This must be where science fiction series actors go to die. So far I’ve
      seen people from Farscape and Andromeda. When Scott Bakula shows up,
      everybody pack your bags.

      Movie Reviews

      Chronicles of Riddick
      Some people told me that judging Vin Diesel on just one movie is not
      enough. I still disagree. This movie has overwhelming set design. The
      dry cleaning on the costumes alone must have sent the project over
      budget. Dame Judy Dench tries to add some class while she adds to her
      bank account and deducts from mine.

      March of the Penguins
      A graphic film about penguin love. I kid. Bring a sweater.

      The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
      The world’s longest After School Special. Four teens wear the same pants
      for one summer. I thought the scenes of Greek islands were pretty, but
      I’m not the target audience.

      DJ Cline Commentary 08-31-05
      Copyright 2005 All rights reserved.
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