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Re: Come to the DARPA Grand Challenge Robot Race this Saturday!

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  • Kevin D. Keck
    That settles it, I m going (the CMU Alumni will also be there). See you in Santa Monica tomorrow night. Go Red Team! -- Kevin D. Keck
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 11, 2004
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      That settles it, I'm going (the CMU Alumni will also be there). See
      you in Santa Monica tomorrow night.

      Go Red Team!
      Kevin D. Keck

      --- In bafuture@yahoogroups.com, "singularian" <johnsmart@a...> wrote:
      > Hi Bay Area Futurists,
      > This Saturday, March 13, from 6:30 am to whenever, is the first
      > annual Grand Challenge Robot Race! A bunch of autonomous vehicles
      > will attempt to drive themselves from Barstow, CA to Las Vegas, NV.
      > Website: http://www.darpa.mil/grandchallenge/
      > Twenty teams are qualifying their bots this week at the CA Motor
      > Speedway. Those that pass muster will race this Saturday for a $1
      > million dollar prize for the first to finish the entire
      > offroad/onroad course. There may be no winners this year, but it
      > will be great to see them try. SD Futurist Steve Scher has done work
      > on one of the twenty entrants. Congrats Steve!
      > The designated official viewing place for the Race is Buffalo Bill's
      > Casino in Primm, NV, on the I-15 at the CA/NV border, 4.5 hours from
      > LA and 35 miles from Las Vegas.
      > Homepage: http://www.primmvalleygolf.com/pages/pvr_frameset.asp?
      > For a map, click on "Contact Us / FAQ".
      > Their 6,000 seat (!!) "Star of the Desert" Arena is set up for
      > monitoring the race from 6am to 7pm this Saturday, March 13th.
      > Hopefully, a bunch of very interesting future folk will be
      > converging on this spot. There could even be smoky back rooms with
      > betting on the various entries (maybe not). Several LA Futurists
      > will be there, and I sincerely hope to see some Bay Area, San Diego,
      > and of course Las Vegas Futurists joining us to share this momentous
      > occasion.
      > Todd Huffman, Paul Grasshoff and I will be heading out of LA
      > probably around 7am to get to Buffalo Bill's by noon. We'll watch
      > videos of the 6:30am start and the race's progress at the Arena,
      > where I'm sure a lot of replays and updates will be occurring.
      > Bring your swimsuits if you want to try to sneak a swim in their
      > buffalo-shaped pool :) When the race is over we'll see if we can
      > meet up with any of the teams (I don't know yet if that is possible,
      > but I'll bet they've got something planned). We'll likely go to
      > dinner in Primm, maybe do a few touristy things (rollercoaster?).
      > After Dinner, many of us will head back home while some will head on
      > to Vegas for an evening and overnight in the Big City, driving back
      > Sunday morning. Are you in or are you In? You're so money, baby.
      > Come to this Friday's LA Futurists in Santa Monica, March 12th 7-
      > 9:30pm, http://singularitywatch.com/LAFcalendar.html if you want to
      > figure out carpooling with people, or email me
      > (johnsmart@a...) if you have a car to share or need a
      > ride. Some motivated peeps will be leaving LA very early on Saturday
      > (2am?) to go to the actual start of the race. You can hook up with
      > them at LA Futurists if you are one of those.
      > If you can spare the time, I really hope you can join us! This
      > amazing event is comparable to the birth of flight at the beginning
      > of the last century. Yet it will be far more momentous in its
      > ultimate impact. Autonomous vehicles driving us around on automated
      > highway and roadway systems will be available all over the planet by
      > the end (middle?) of this century, will prevent tens of thousands of
      > annual fatalities in this country, and will allow a fusion of mass
      > and individual transit into one incredibly energy efficient, safe
      > system. Imagine falling asleep in LA and waking up in NY (or Russia,
      > across a Bering strait chunnel), all while being driven and refueled
      > automatically by your super efficient, zero emission hybrid robot
      > car. Or all over the big cities in automatic and largely underground
      > highway systems, allowing us to take back greenspace on the surface.
      > Sign me up! Also, the robotics knowledge we learn in terms of vision
      > and guidance will be transferable to all the myriad industrial and
      > consumer bots we build to help humans in coming years.
      > See you there friends!!
      > Warmly,
      > John Smart
      > ____________________________________________
      > President, Institute for Accelerating Change
      > johnsmart@a...
      > http://accelerating.org
      > 1536 W 25th Street, #510
      > San Pedro, CA 90732
      > 310 831-4191
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