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Re: [bafuture] Digest Number 357

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  • Michael Korns
    On Sun, 19 Oct 2003 markfinnern wrote: Subject: 1000st message ... ... Wayne, for the insignificant sum of .01 dollars per mention, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2003
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      On Sun, 19 Oct 2003 "markfinnern" <markfinnern@...> wrote:
      Subject: 1000st message ...

      >Mike Korns said it yesterday evening at the dinner and I would like
      >to extend a special thank to Wayne for the many quality well
      >researched posts. Mike even said that he keeps all of them. We joked,
      >that he does that, so that he has a track record, for when the Feds
      >catch up with Wayne :-)
      >When you search the board for Wayne, it turns out that he is
      >mentioned in 921 of our 1000 posts. I always post the announcements
      >and my name is so much more common, still I only get six more 927.

      Wayne, for the insignificant sum of .01 dollars per mention, I shall immediately beginning flooding the Bay Area Futurist message board with classy references to "Wayne". Trust me, you won't miss the money; but, the fame...


      PS: Seriously Wayne, your contributions, plus those of all the others, have really made this an exciting message board.

      Michael F. Korns
      1 Plum Hollow Drive
      Henderson, Nevada 89052
      (702) 837-3498

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