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1Reminder: This Friday April 19th first Future Salon ...

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  • markfinnern
    Apr 17, 2002
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      It is getting exciting, only two more days :-)

      Please join us on Friday the 19th of April 7:00 p.m. at the first Bay
      Area Futurists Salon at the Barnes and Noble in San Mateo.

      This Salon is modeled after the very successful reading group "L.A.
      Futurists" held by John Smart.
      (See: http://singularity.xlogs.net/reading_group.html) We are very
      fortunate that John will be in the Bay Area on the 19th to help us
      start the group.

      General Format: NO READING is required in this salon. Each month we
      will start with presenting and discussing recent articles and news
      that has caught our attention. An example is this web site: Exploring
      emergence. Very simple rules that lead to surprising outcomes and
      interesting patterns. (See:
      If you come across something that you would like to share, please
      bring it with you.

      After the articles one book is introduced and discussed. This month
      John will introduce Ray Kurzweil's "The Age of Spiritual Machines:
      When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence," 2000, the number one
      selling book at Amazon last year in both the science and artificial
      intelligence categories.

      Peter F. Drucker once said: "The best way to predict the future is to
      create it." To be able to do that, one should check the possibilities
      that lay ahead.

      Once again, please join us. You don't have to be an expert in
      technology or science, just be curious about what the future brings.
      It would be great to get diverse viewpoints from different
      backgrounds since the interesting stuff happens at the edges.

      We are fortunate that some very future-aware people have agreed to co-
      moderate a couple of the sessions: Walter Truett Anderson (Evolution
      Isn't What it Used to Be, 1997, The Future of the Self, 1998, All
      Connected Now, 2001), Peter Russell (The Global Brain Awakens, 1995,
      Waking Up in Time, 1998, From Science to God, 2000), and Chris
      Phoenix (Foresight Senior Associate, MSCS from Stanford,
      Nanotechnology Researcher, and moderator of the sci.nanotech

      The whole gathering at the bookstore will be one and a half to two
      hours long. If you have time you are welcome to join us afterwards
      for a dinner at Romano's Macaroni Grill which is conveniently located
      next door.

      We have created a Yahoo Group where you can sign up for the latest
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bafuture/ or just reply to this email.

      Looking forward to seeing you at the first salon, Mark.

      P.S. Please forward this message to everyone who may be interested

      P.P.S. Mark you calendar, this event will happen every third Friday
      in the month: May 17, Jun 21, Jul 19, Aug 16, Sep 20, Oct 18, Nov 15,
      Dec 20.

      Here is the address of the Barns and Noble Shop:
      11 West Hillsdale Blvd., Hillsdale Shopping Center
      San Mateo, CA 94403

      It's at the Hillsdale Shopping Center just across of the San Mateo
      Caltrain Station. Map:
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