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Tomorrow: Ceptr @ Thrivable Future Salon -- Final Details

Hi Futurists, We are retiring this mailing list soon. Please sign up for the Thrivable Futures
Jan 19

Brass Off @ Ceptr Thrivable Future Salon This Wed 20th 6pm Palo Alto

Hi Futurists, We will soon retire this list. Please sign up for our Thrivable Futures list
Jan 17

Ceptr Thrivable Future Salon Wednesday 20th of January @IFTF Palo Al

Hi Futurists, We are slowly retiring this mailing list. If you want to make sure you get all the invitations to the Thrivable Future Salons please sign up for
Jan 8

Reminder + LineUp Tomorrow October 14 Thrivable Future Salon San Fra

Hi Futurists, Blog post: 5+5[+5] Sessions Oct 14 Thrivable Future Salon | Thrivable Futures
Oct 13, 2015

Re: Thrivable Future Salon 14th of October

Hi Kennita, Still hoping for a food sponsor. Step right up! Otherwise you may want to bring something or grab something on the way. Hope you can fill the car
Mark Finnern
Sep 24, 2015

Re: Thrivable Future Salon 14th of October

Hi all! I'd really like to attend this, but I can't drive there from the South Bay. Who would like to carpool? I have a wagon for someone to drive, so four
Kennita Watson
Sep 24, 2015

Thrivable Future Salon 14th of October

Hi Futurists, Future Salon blog post here: Thrivable Future Salon 14th of October - Future Salon
Sep 24, 2015

Thrivable Future Salon

To freely quote Mark Twain: The death of the Future Salon has been greatly exaggerated. Please help us to make it thrive again by filling out the following
Jun 12, 2015

Fwd: Monty Python's Life of Brian Special One-time Screening- Eventb

Sunday Assembly Silicon Valley is having a one-time showing of Life of Brian as a fundraiser -- with extra footage and remastered sound, a trivia quiz,
Kennita Watson
Mar 26, 2015

Transportation Futures talk: How Mobile Mechanics are Changing Auto

Greetings, Future Salonistas and welcome to 2015. Following on the excellent "robocar" and "sharing economy" presentations that Future Salon previously
Alison Chaiken
Jan 12, 2015

Integrated Space Plan update funded! Now for the stretch...

Yay! The Integrated Space Plan (ISP) Kickstarter was funded, so it will be updated and put online where those who want to throw brickbats will have a target,
Kennita Watson
Jul 24, 2014

Re: [Hplus-talk] Back the Integrated Space Plan!

?? One thing I don't know is the name of the rhetorical device you are employing. Back to the point; I actually don't know what ideas the framers of the
Kennita Watson
Jul 18, 2014

Re: [Hplus-talk] Back the Integrated Space Plan!

??!! An easy and fast answer to what? Certainly not to who pays to get to space. Interesting that you see a continuing insult; what I intend is continuing
Kennita Watson
Jul 18, 2014

Re: [Hplus-talk] Back the Integrated Space Plan!

Dreaming is a good thing -- without it, there is no motivation to do. But I think I'm past dreaming and into planning. To do without planning is a recipe for
Kennita Watson
Jul 18, 2014

Re: [Hplus-talk] Back the Integrated Space Plan!

No, realizing a dream is not insulting, but I don't see how responding to a multi-page, massively interconnected flowchart with "And who pays?" is realizing a
Kennita Watson
Jul 18, 2014
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