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    Welcome To Badd Azz Tagzz, If you are getting this, it means you have either just joined or are already a member at Badd Azz Tagzz. This group was just
    Message 1 of 77 , Feb 1, 2008
      Welcome To Badd Azz Tagzz,

      If you are getting this, it means you have either just joined or are already a member at Badd Azz Tagzz. This group was just created on December 1st 2007 as we moved off MSN to open on Yahoo. Below we will list the rules as well as a general Welcome to all new and existing members.. as its members who make a group what it is.

      Welcome to all New members and also thank you for being members to our existing members.. We value all of you and can't be a great group without you.

      Just a few rules to get us through the day lol....

      Bad Azz Tagzz is a NO DRAMA group! If you are having trouble with another group or a paid artist site, DO NOT bring it in here!!! This will be strictly followed. We have created this group for people to have fun and not to become embroiled in they said we said type of attitude! It will NOT BE TOLERATED AT ALL! Members not following the No Drama Rule will be UNJOINED from the group IMMEDIATELY!! There will be no warning for this transgration! There will be no flaming, yelling, cussing, or generally being rude to any other member! EVER! This will get you unjoined from this group and banned. If you have a problem with another member then bring it to the owners or moderators, you will get a response even if it takes a few hours. Remember we have lives outside the group also.

      email me at shell_hugs_mike@... or shell.wright@... and I will get back with you.

      No Blank Applications will be accepted! Tell us where you have heard of us and/or who recommended the group to you.

      There will be noone admitted with 'manager' in their name. This will just cause confusion for the members about who has manager responsibilities and who doesn't.

      You must post within 7 days of joining or be unjoined. You must post at least once a month, and not just on the daily "good morning" post. *NEW* members that only post a couple times and then show non activity for a period of one month will not be eligible for the Contest and we do have super prizes if I say so myself lol! If you're having a problem please let one of the managers know and we will take them on a one on one basis.

      Why join a group if you don't want to interact with the other members. Remember we don't ask much, and we don't think posting once a month is a hardship! But also remember you must be an active member to participate in the Contest for Prizes and only posting once a month will not accomplish that!

      Anyone who is reported to be using our member list to solicite members to join their group will be unjoined and banned immediately. This is very rude, we have a members area where you can post a link to your site and if people want to check them out they can find it there. If you want to post a link to a tutorial that is fine, just remember we are not a promote group so do your promoting of other sites in the proper place.

      Please DO NOT use copyright graphics in this group. It is one of the things we are most strict about. If you question a graphic please send it to the owners and we will see what we can find about it.

      One last rule, no sharing of any paid to use fonts, tubes or other items that are not free to use.

      Copyright material will be deleted with a warning to the poster, repeat offenders will be unjoined. We have a list of artist that are allowed to be used by the group and if you have individual permissions of course you may used them. We do allow Paid artists to be used here.

      Please follow artist TOU and respect their right to say what can be done with their graphic or art. Please place all urls needed on tags.

      We are very copyright compliant, so no tags, stats, jokes or anything that holds artwork will be tolerated if proper credit isn't given to the artist. All licensed work is allowed here from CILM, AMI, StickerChick, UpYourArt and the independent artists like Barbara Jensen, Pat Carlucci, Craig Wentworth etc. As long as the artist allows usage and we have their permission, or you have a license for their work, it is welcomed here. We do understand that folks can make mistakes with tags and such, and thats fine, but please leave it up to management and moderators to handle all such problems.. do NOT everyone post a response to that person as I know if it was me I would feel very unwelcome and would not share with the group again! We will handle if and if you feel the need to inform anyone please email me and I will take care of it if I haven't already. On the other hand those who blatantly send through stuff without copyright information, will be warned once then banned from the group.

      Other things we need new and existing members to do :)

      We have several databases for members to fill out: Please visit the Database section Here http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/baddazztagzz_group/database

      Database sections to fill out:
      1. Birthdays - Place your Birthdays in this section with date
      2. Anniversarys - Place your Anniversarys in this section with your spouse's name and date
      3. Non PSPers - If you are a non psper place your name here so everyone can make you tags when they make tags.
      4. Roll Call - will only be held once a month and you will have to log in and just state you are HERE in that section :)
      5. Suggestion - Any suggestions you have for the group, please place here.
      6. Wishlist - Please fill out a wishlist of packages you would like in case anyone wants to get you a pressie for a special occassion or whenever they feel like it :)
      7. Likes and Dislikes - Fill these out so everyone knows your likes and dislikes :)
      8 Always Lists - If you want an always list, please let me know and I will create you a table for members to sign up on. In order to have an always list you must have a place such as Fotki or Photobucket to load the tags into and you will be allowed to post a link through the group when tags are ready to be picked up. You will NOT be able to send tags to your always members through the group as that will create unwanted mail.

      Always Lists So far:
      1. Shell's Always List

      We are still under construction so please bear with us! I am still working on the artists permissions, moving over the ones we have and gaining new ones..

      We will be having Weekly Activities for pspers to enjoy and below is the scedule of those activities: On the Stats and Tube Share we will be listing an artist and that will be what is shared that day... do NOT just share willy nilly without permission as we don't want to get in trouble with artists we don't have permission from yet :)

      Monday - Tutorial Challenge
      Tuesday - Font Challenge
      Wednesday - Mask Challenge
      Thursday - Tube Challenge
      Friday - Stats and Tube Share
      Saturday and Sunday - Weekend Challenge

      Please enjoy your stay, take a look around the group and if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask through the group, email the mods or email me off list at { shell_hugs_mike@... } and we will be glad to help you.

      Also if you are either wanting to learn to use PSP or wanting help in learning more about copyright, please dont hesitate to ask. We were all beginners at once point on both aspects and we are all more than welcome to help you any way we can.

      One last rule for everyone in the group! have LOTS and LOTS of FUN!!

      Enjoy your stay and welcome to the group!!

      Badd Azz Tagzz Management
    • baddazztagzz_group@yahoogroups.com
      Welcome To Badd Azz Tagzz, If you are getting this, it means you have either just joined or are already a member at Badd Azz Tagzz. This group was created on
      Message 77 of 77 , Nov 1 2:04 AM
        Welcome To Badd Azz Tagzz,

        If you are getting this, it means you have either just joined or are already a member at Badd Azz Tagzz. This group was created on December 1st 2007 as Shell's Always List. Below we will list the rules because as you know we need them :)

        Rules. (Revised October,23 2008)

        1. Copyrights and ratings: All my tags will be copyright compliant, licensed art. Some maybe AC or SAC, so there will be nudity from time to time. If that offends you, you can just say thank you and not save the tag or you may want to rethink your membership on my always list.

        2. Name Database: Please fill in the name database within a week of joining. No name in the database means no tags, and you will be unsubbed.

        3. Tag Pick Up Duration: Once uploaded, tags will remain available for two weeks. While I understand not everyone is able to get online every day, timely
        pick up is greatly appreciated. This means a folder will be deleted two weeks after it's uploaded.

        4. Tag Pick Up Failure: I'm also gonna go by the 'three strikes, you're out'-system. This means that if I have to delete your tags three times (so not three
        tags, but three seperate time slots adding up to three weeks minimum), you will be unsubbed. Of course, if you know you'll be away and let me know, I'll keep
        a hold on your tags for you.

        5. MIA List: If you're gonna be MIA, please let me know off list. I'll make a seperate folder for you in the MIA album. I do ask that you keep in touch as much as possible. If you've been MIA for 6 months without being in touch, you'll be unsubbed.

        6. Roll Call: I'll be doing random roll calls every so often. Please fill in the roll call when it comes, cause failure to do so will get you unsubbed.

        I hope these rules aren't too strict for you, but they're neccesary to keep the management side of the list to a minimum for me :D

        If you have any questions or concerns you can email me offlist.
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