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  • baddazztagzz_group@yahoogroups.com
    May 1, 2013
      Welcome To Badd Azz Tagzz,

      If you are getting this, it means you have either just joined or are already a member at Badd Azz Tagzz. This group was created on December 1st 2007 as Shell's Always List. Below we will list the rules because as you know we need them :)

      Rules. (Revised October,23 2008)

      1. Copyrights and ratings: All my tags will be copyright compliant, licensed art. Some maybe AC or SAC, so there will be nudity from time to time. If that offends you, you can just say thank you and not save the tag or you may want to rethink your membership on my always list.

      2. Name Database: Please fill in the name database within a week of joining. No name in the database means no tags, and you will be unsubbed.

      3. Tag Pick Up Duration: Once uploaded, tags will remain available for two weeks. While I understand not everyone is able to get online every day, timely
      pick up is greatly appreciated. This means a folder will be deleted two weeks after it's uploaded.

      4. Tag Pick Up Failure: I'm also gonna go by the 'three strikes, you're out'-system. This means that if I have to delete your tags three times (so not three
      tags, but three seperate time slots adding up to three weeks minimum), you will be unsubbed. Of course, if you know you'll be away and let me know, I'll keep
      a hold on your tags for you.

      5. MIA List: If you're gonna be MIA, please let me know off list. I'll make a seperate folder for you in the MIA album. I do ask that you keep in touch as much as possible. If you've been MIA for 6 months without being in touch, you'll be unsubbed.

      6. Roll Call: I'll be doing random roll calls every so often. Please fill in the roll call when it comes, cause failure to do so will get you unsubbed.

      I hope these rules aren't too strict for you, but they're neccesary to keep the management side of the list to a minimum for me :D

      If you have any questions or concerns you can email me offlist.
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