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618DND To All Members

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  • Shell
    Jan 1, 2013
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      Hello Everyone,

      If your still with me and I hope you are I just wanted you all to know that I am back in the psp groove after taking over a year off. I have started a NEW group with another tagger and would love to invite you all over to join! Its a tag request and not an always list. We will put tags through that you all can request and that way you don't need to get the ones you don't want and also get another tagger to boot :) We will hopefully add taggers as we go but we are a brand new group and will have Databases up by the weekend and be sending tags through to be requested by friday evening :)

      I hope you all decide to come over and join us..

      The new group is called The Tagging Outlaws and you can join by going to the following link :)


      Thank you all for sticking with me and hope to see you over at the new place!

      **Hugs Shell**