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607!DND NEW TAGS 8-25-10

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  • Shell
    Aug 25, 2010
      Hey Guys,
       I have "NEW" tags for you to pick up :)
      Just wanted to let you all know that some of you have already gotten the tags If you played in Plat Secret Sister,  they will be uploaded to your folders anyway because I can't keep up with who gets what tags lol... So just put a simple ty on the last tag if you already have them
       You will all have your own folders and that way you only need to leave one response on the last tag in your folder or if you prefer you can leave one on each one.. Its all up to you!
      If you didn't receive a tag then you did not fill in the database
       and you need to go there by CLICKING HERE
      I do realize that some of you still have bandwidth issues with your  Internet companies so if you need to or want to you may change my PNG files to JPG but please do not change the tag or the file name other then saving it a different way.  I have a system for naming my tags so the names HAVE to stay the same.  Be aware that if some of the tags have a stat they will not match the background if you do change them.
      That is all,  now just enjoy your "new" tags!
      **hugs Shell** 
      Password on Files is tag4U
      Link to folders
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