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  • Craig Gemmill
    May 12, 2008

      Greetings MSTP WG members-


      I have made some modifications to the automatic addressing proposal in response to the comments at the Germantown meeting.  I have included the concept of the Unique ID, as well as the allowing for a temporary master.  I look forward to comments.  If I receive any feedback, I will try to respond and/or incorporate it and update the proposal prior to the June meeting in Salt Lake City .  Enjoy!


      I did not highlight the changes from -1 to -2, because much of the proposal is new, fleshing out the areas that were TBD before.  Also, the change to use the UniqueID made a lot of changes that really weren’t that big, but would cause a lot of distracting highlights, so I thought it easier to just look at without, since we really didn’t go over the text of the proposal much in Germantown .



      Craig Gemmill