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201RE: [bacnet-mstpwg] bacnet / ip help

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  • Isler, Bernhard
    Apr 28, 2014
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      Please see www.bacnet.org.


      On this page, you also find developer help etc. See links under “RESOURCES” on the left.


      You may also chose to send questions etc. to BACnet-L in order to reach out to the entire community. See http://www.bacnet.org/Contact/BACnet-L.htm.


      Best Regards,

      Bernhard Isler



      Bernhard Isler

      Siemens Switzerland Ltd
      Building Technologies Division


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      Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2014 11:04 AM
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      Subject: [bacnet-mstpwg] bacnet / ip help


      i have a problem with bacnet / ip ,,

      my pc (server) runs windows

      my target board (client) runs linux 

      my target board is  : TS-7260 , cpu : ARM8 

      and i want to send and receive packets to and  from my target board using bacnet/ip 

      i want to know how to start , and guidelines to follow cause i'm new to bacnet

      thanks in advance

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