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  • Carl Neilson
    Nov 14, 2013
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      Here are my comments on the responses:


      For comment 7423, more of description is needed for the response.


      I suggest:


      The committee’s position is that routers should support the maximum routable NPDU given the directly connected media types.  In doing so, the end user need not concern themselves  with the details of the intervening routers, other than to ensure that the router supports the protocol revision in which MSTP extended frames were added (i.e. the user need only purchase “newer” MS/TP routers.)



      For comment 7425, the response does not speak to the complete comment. Given that we know how we intend to “highlight” the procedure, I think it is reasonable to state what will be done. To this end, I suggest the following comment response:


      The committee decided to include this procedure in the standard as it has been discussed within the committee for many years as method an implementer could use to determine the inverted network problem. Given that there are alternative approaches that can be used, the committee feels it would be inappropriate to allow for the specification of this optional functionality given that there are numerous organizations that inappropriately specify functionality due to a lack of understanding of its applicability. For this reason, no BIBBs will be created for this functionality; it will remain completely optional.


      The next PPR draft will separate this new procedure into a separate section of the addendum to highlight its addition separately from the MS/TP extended frames functionality.


      Comment 7427, should be Accepted as Submitted.


      For comment 7428, the response seems to imply that we would be allowing routers to not support extended frames. I would prefer the follow:


      The committee will look into approaches to clarify NPDU size requirements for routing and non-routing MS/TP nodes for the next PPR.


      The response text for comment 7449 is insufficient. It does not state whether the proposed changes will be made or not and seems to allow future rejection of the idea. The general notes also provide no indication of what we decided to do with the comment so I cannot offer alternate language.



      Carl Neilson

      Chair, ASHRAE SSPC 135 (aka The BACnet Committee)



      direct:   +1.604.575.5913

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      Subject: Re: [bacnet-mstpwg] RE: Teleconference Announcement [1 Attachment]



      [Attachment(s) from Kerry Lynn included below]

      The new format of the Yahoo groups is pretty broken.  There's a menu

      called "More" and "Files" is below that.  After you select it, "Files" becomes
      a menu, but this doesn't seem to persist across sessions.

      Comments doc is attached for your reviewing pleasure...



      On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 12:10 PM, Carl Neilson <cneilson@...> wrote:




      I can’t find the file on Yahoo. Can you send it as an attachment to an email.






      From: bacnet-mstpwg@yahoogroups.com [mailto:bacnet-mstpwg@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of kerlyn2001@...
      Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013 9:04 AM
      Subject: [bacnet-mstpwg] RE: Teleconference Announcement



      A new version of the PPR1 comment responses, Add-135-2012an-PPR1-Comments-r3.docx, has been uploaded to the bacnet-mstpwg files area.  I'm sure some of the responses need work, so please look it over before tomorrow's call if you have time.


      Thanks, -K-

      ---In bacnet-mstpwg@yahoogroups.com, <bacnet_cb@...> wrote:



      The MSTP-WG will have a teleconference Friday, 15-Nov-2013 at 11:30 AM EST.


      The teleconference will be one hour and the agenda is as follows:

      1)      Review outstanding PPR comment responses, if any, and vote to move the comment response document to the SSPC.

      2)      Identify any technical issues that were uncovered during the PPR and discuss how to move forward on those issues.

      3)      Review Add. AN draft language if available.


      Please note that there will be a follow-up teleconference scheduled for the week of 25-Nov to discuss the final draft of Add. AN for the SSPC to consider it for the next PPR cycle. The deadline for that vote is 10-Dec. The definitive date for the next teleconference will be discussed during Friday’s meeting.


      Dial in information

      Conference dial-in number: (209) 647-1600

      Participant access code: 868312

      Skype information

      freeconferencecallhd.1600, or


      Once prompted for the access code, locate the dial pad and enter the conference access code followed by the pound (#) key to successfully join the conference call.

      For additional Skype support:  http://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/skypeinstructions.html






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