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137Re: [bacnet-mstpwg] Should a node be allowed to do more than one token retry?

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  • Steve Karg
    Jul 23, 2012
      Hi MS/TP working group!

      Since we are discussing Token retries...

      I received some comments a week ago from an engineer (Bill) at Siemens
      (via Bernhard) on the Zero Config MS/TP proposal that is sitting in
      SSPC. He had some of the usual critique that we have already
      discussed in our working group, but he also had a small suggestion.

      He suggested having the ZeroConfiguration nodes only respond to the
      Token on the Token Retry, allowing any legitimate fixed MAC nodes
      access to the first Token. My thoughts were that this practice would
      make the MS/TP network sluggish and prone to dropped Tokens for
      ZeroConfiguration nodes, but it would provide better protection for
      fixed MAC nodes (it could even offer the full range of Master Node MAC
      addresses for ZeroConfiguration nodes).


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