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Update DR-035-14 for numerical access for interoperation with binary-side references (a start, at least).

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  • Dave Robin
    XMLers, (and cc: IT-ites) As a first offering for this teleconference, I give you a small addition to DR-035 to address (pun) the main topic of discussion in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2010
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      XMLers, (and cc: IT-ites)

      As a first offering for this teleconference, I give you a small addition to DR-035 to address (pun) the main topic of discussion in Atlanta.  

      We needed a way of mapping the "path names" of the web services world to the "numeric identifiers" of the binary services world.

      Basically what I'm assuming/proposing here is that everything that wants to be referenced from the binary side has to have numbers assigned (obviously, since that's all the binary devices have in them for referencing outward), but that things that are referenced only between the web services side can skip the numbers and just use the names. 

      Roughly, this means that a BACnetDeviceObjectPropertyReference in a binary device is what it is today: numeric only. But in an object in a BACnet/WS server, it has an additional option for name-based references (that can only refer to other BACnet/WS servers' data and can't be downloaded into a binary device). But I'm sure this will spark more debate about what interoperation with the "binary side" means, and what the heck we're really doing with all this.

      (I just did the path syntax side of this problem, since I don't really have a place in this doc yet to describe the format and use of a new textual option for BACnetDeviceObjectPropertyReference)


      On Dec 10, 2010, at 3:22 PM, Tom wrote:


      Hello XMLers:
      I'd like to get in one conference call before the end of the year;
      this one is for Wednesday 15-Dec-2010 11:30-13:00 EST.

      Connection information:

      Reservationless AT&T Connect Service
      Meeting Address: https://www.connectmeeting.att.com/connectmeeting
      Meeting Number(s): 4044430225 8664132866
      Access Code: 4316272
      The first time you use the AT&T Connect Service, you will have to download the client software. AT&T Connect HELP and Software downloads can be found
      at: https://www.connectmeeting.att.com/connectmeeting.

       or (the old, less preferred way):

      Reservationless Audio Dial In
      Preferred Country: USA
      Dial-in Number(s): (866)413-2866 (404)443-0225
      For Other Countries: Click Here to View Global Conference Access Numbers
      Access Code: 4316272

      The agenda for this call (we'll see how far we can get) is:

      1)       Updates on our Action Items from  Atlanta

      a.       DR to review how to reconcile device object property references with paths, and to consider data access from the binary side.

      b.       CN: Is there a requirement that a BACnet/WS server have a complete XML representation of any device it is fronting in order to represent the data? This is especially an issue of proprietary objects.

                                                                     i.      SD/KL - yes this is necessary, DR thinks the EPICS could be a solution for this.

      c.       TB to work with JB to coordinate teleconferences with the BACnet/IT

      d.       TB - Things to consider in the future (next steps to adoption)

      2)       Update on Dave's search for an ASHRAE-approved repository for XML artifacts like the Schema and examples of real device data.

      3)       Discussion of TBDs in DR-035

      a.       N.8.n start-index "If the set of members in the collection is smaller than start-index, more discussion needed here..."

      b.       15.5  E.4.9 Examples of the Who-Is and I-Am Services (TBD) "very important item for IT integration... much discussion needed"

      c.       15.6  E.6 Security Services (TBD) "Much discussion needed here, of course.  https is an obvious first step but what after that?"

      4)       Section 17 of DR-035: More TBDs

      a.       More more discussion into formal spec language.  Find formal homes for RULE:'s identified in the informal discussion part.

      b.       Document new nodes:  /.sysinfo/supported-locales   /.sysinfo/default-locale    …/.device-description

      c.       Do we need to find objects by number? Can use ".search" for that, but do we need a dedicated mechanism?

      d.       Rules that need a home somewhere…

      5)       Any updates on XML-WG relationship with ongoing work in our WG kin (SG, AP/FA, IT, FIAP) ?

      6)       Estimate of time necessary for WG meeting in  Las Vegas

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