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157Update of BI-041 available

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  • Isler, Bernhard
    Jan 14, 2013
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      Hi all,


      An update of BI-041, NTB – Classic BACnet Integration is available on the BACnet IT TWiki at:



      Changes are:

      -                      “Legacy” changed to “Classic”.

      -                      Added data type definitions for BACnetUID and BACnetUET to replace the clumsy <UET>.<Device ID> and <UET>.<Group ID> language, and to propose an ASN.1 definition and encodings.

      -                      Added general considerations for properties that are or contain references.

      -                      Address concepts refined and detailed. Alternative way of extending device references in the current data types sketched.

      -                      Major rework of group communication concepts.


      This document now contains some NTB concepts that will need to be moved into some concept or change proposal document (e.g. into BI-040). For the sake of minimized efforts, such is placed into BI-041 for now.


      In Dallas, the substantial updates should be reviewed and open issues discussed. We need to determine directions and solutions for going forward with BI-040 and other related material.


      See you in Dallas.


      Best Regards,




      Bernhard Isler

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