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156An approach for XD features in "classic" devices

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  • Dave Robin
    Jan 13, 2013
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      My homework from the Atlanta meeting is attached  (I made it as brief as possible, so please read it before Dallas)

      In the Atlanta meeting's boldly named "Future of BACnet" discussion, we talked about all the modernizing stuff that would be brought to the table by what I called "BACnet XD" - Extended Data, trying to put the focus on this as an *extension* of classic BACnet, not a replacement for it, even though it also included XML/TLS/HTTP/TCP/mDNS/NTB,etc...

      Several folks seemed to really like (some of) that, but they also did not want to abandon the classic devices from getting many of these niceties, like metadata and discoverability.

      Thus was born the idea of bestowing as much of the XD ideas and capabilities on classic BACnet as possible.

      This document addresses all that.  It outlines a general approach, and lays out several example scenarios.  And, unlike most of my documents, this one is boiled way down to make it (hopefully) a quick read.

      I look forward to discussing in Dallas.



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