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RE: [bacnet-ip-wg] IPv6 Review

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  • Coleman Brumley
    Philippe, Thank you for your feedback. And, thank you for the LUA script for Wireshark. I m not sure I understand your comment PGO.1, though. Could you
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      Thank you for your feedback.  And, thank you for the LUA script for Wireshark.


      I'm not sure I understand your comment PGO.1, though. Could you clarify what you mean?


      Also, regarding PGO.6, we did this so that we don't encounter the same issue as IPv4 with regards to the destination address for broadcasted messages.  As you point out, this may not be an issue in IPv6, but I just wanted to point out the history behind that field.  So, I'm not quite ready to simply strike it at this point. 





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      As promized some days ago, please find two new uploads in the files:

      1. My review with the following summary of the findings:
      Critical issue
      - Missing Distribute-Broadcast-To-Network equivalent
      - Missing Distribute-Address-Resolution-To-Network
      both above for Foreign Device
      - Added Multicast-Forwarded-NPDU
      - Added Multicast-Forwarded-Address-Resolution
      both above for multiple BBMD in a same B/IP-M group
      Major issue
      - Clause 24 update for B/IPv6 Secure-BVLL
      Minor issues
      - Many typo and inconsistencies
      - B/IPv6 has a VMAC which allows the DL to be use as a virtual layer allowing the multiple virtual devices to be bound on the DL.

      >> Add-135-2010aj-PPR2-Draft-1-PGO2.doc

      2. The related Wireshark dissector written in lua
      Beware of the GPL license.

      >> bacnet_bipv6.lua

      NOTE: Please check also my comments in http://osr.ashrae.org/ regarding the Network Port (and BACnet IPv6).

      Regards, Philippe GOETZ

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