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379Add 135-2012ai is available for download

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  • Coleman Brumley
    Dec 6, 2013
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      I’ve uploaded draft 9 of Add 135-2012ai to the Yahoo site. It’s in the Files section under the Add. AI folder.


      This version:

      1)      Adds a new example table (under table 12-X) based on our conversation this morning. The other example tables have been removed and Table 12-Y has been put back to Table 12-X.

      2)      The RESTART_PORT value of the Command property returns an error if restarting the port require reinitialization.

      3)      The language in 16.4 has been modified to reference the pending changes functionality. This is the same language used in the footnotes.

      4)      “List” in Table 12-X is now “BACnetLIST”. The property descriptions have been updated accordingly.


      Again, please send editorial changes directly to me. Barring any substantive issues for this draft, it will be part of the letter ballot on Tuesday. If you have substantive issues with this draft, please get them to me before Monday night.






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