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353RE: Network Port Object

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  • Carl Neilson
    Jul 16, 2013




      And also, in the case where a port can be either BACnet or something else (ModBus, KNX, etc), setting the type Network_Type to non-BACnet allows the user to see  that the port is in use.




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      What would you propose the description of the non-BACnet type be?  Are you saying you want to use the Network Port for some totally unrelated port, so you can manage some aspects but that overall the port is not BACnet and any use of that particular network port object is proprietary?




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      Our development team is looking at the Network Port object and they have requested the ability to mark the object as being a non-BACnet port.


      The Network_Type field allows proprietary values, but there is not a standard one that indicates that the port is in use for a non-BACnet purpose. If we could add in “non-BACnet” as a Network_Type, then it would be clear. And other vendor’s products would be able to tell that the port is in use but not for BACnet and would not represent it as proprietary media BACnet port.



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