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346RE: [bacnet-ip-wg] New file uploaded to bacnet-ip-wg

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  • Carl Neilson
    Jan 9, 2013

      My opinion on some of the recent comments:


      BI-10: Akin to IPv4 sockets, if the implementation does not have information on which local IPv6 address the message was received on, the destination virtual address can be used to distinguish the target. It also allows for detection of problems with the address resolution (is this vmac even valid for the receiving device?)


      BI-18: I disagree with the comment. In a forwarded packet, the original VMAC is from the “other” BBMD or foreign device, not from the device that generated the packet itself. In this way it differs from an Original-Unicast packet and thus the moniker ‘Original’ on the parameter provides clarity, as it did in IPv4.


      BI-20: This message is used when the application has an IPv6 address but does not have the associated virtual MAC address, such as would occur when a device is located via DNS.


      BI-21: The parameter is provided for those implementations that cannot determine which local address a message is received on as it was in IPv4.


      BI-22: Yes.


      BI-24: I don’t believe that there is any case where the NPDU portion would be missing. This level of description is identical to what was present in the IPv4 case. What extra information is needed?


      BI-32: The unassigned entries are not needed, but the reserved entry should be included for clarity.


      BI-34: Is the address scope of the multi-cast address not defined in the address itself which is taken from the NP object? Also, requiring global scope on the multi-cast violates the position we have held that we cannot rely on global scope multi-casts working and that we need BBMDs (is it not the BBMD that takes a multi-cast and makes it “global” in scope?) If we do require something other than lin k-local, there is language that would need to be changed in the preceding paragraph indicating link-local as the minimum requirement.



      In the TODO list, we are missing:

      -          Fill in paragraphs on VMAC table 4.5.2 / 4.5.3




      Carl Neilson

      Chair, ASHRAE SSPC 135 (aka The BACnet Committee)

      direct:   +1.604.575.5913




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