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343Add. AJ PPR3 Draft 9 is available

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  • Coleman Brumley
    Jan 8, 2013



      I've uploaded Add. AJ PPR3 Draft 9 (disregard the notice about draft 8) to the Yahoo site. The download link is here.


      In this revision, everything from clause X.4 up the figures has been modified to more closely resemble the layout and wording of Annex J. It's a work in progress, and some of the new clauses are just placeholders at this time. But, please review this for language as I've begun to add some language regarding the NPO.


      The associated text for Figure X-1 has been updated to reflect the use of the FF08::BAC0 multicast address.


      Also note that X.4 has  been expanded to show all multicast scopes and their purpose with regards to B/IPv6.




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