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334New version of 2010ai

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  • Carl Neilson
    Dec 6, 2012

      I uploaded a new version of 2010ai which contains the following typographical changes:


      1) typo in footnote 4 (Requred)

      2) typo in DISCARD_CHANGES entry in 12.X.12 (missing space)

      3) typo in 12.X.13 (BACnet_UDP_Port -> BACnet_IP_UDP_Port)

      4) typo in 12.X.31 (BACnetHostNport)

      5) in 12.X.36 changed Time_To_Live -> Time-To-Live to match existing format in 135

      6) In BACnetPropertyIdentifier fd-bbmd-ip-address -> fd-bbmd-address (twice)

      7) In BACnetPropertyStates command -> network-port-command



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