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158CLB-013 - Network Port Object

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  • Carl Neilson
    May 25, 2011
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      I have received a few comments on the Network Port object from a developer at Delta Controls and would like to share those comments before Montreal:


      - NetworkPort.MAC_Address is defined as type BACnetMACAddress.  The BACnetMACAddress is defined as a Sequence with only one field, a mac-address octet string.  It would be cleaner if NetworkPort.MAC_Address were defined as an octet string type directly, skipping the extra sequence tagging.


      - NetworkPort.BACnet_IP_Subnet_Mask is defined as type BACnetHostAddress.  An IPv4 subnet mask can never be specified by DNS hostname so a base octet string would be a more appropriate type than BACnetHostAddress.


      - NetworkPort.BACnet_IP_Default_Gateway is defined as type BACnetHostAddress.  A default gateway isn’t defined by DNS hostname so a base octet string would probably be more appropriate.


      - Dev.Home-Port – It is not clear why devices have to be single homed.


      There has been a comment in CLB-013 since revision 11 indicating that the need for a Home network be reviewed with respect to the requirements for Network Security and that if it is to remain in the document that a definition of a home port be added. At this point I am not convinced that the standard, including network security, requires single homed devices. This should be evaluated before Montreal and removed if we cannot find the requirement in the existing standard.



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