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154Review of RL-003-15 (addendum 135-2008aj)

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  • Isler, Bernhard
    Jan 24, 2011

    We have reviewed RL-013-5, and found a couple of substantial issues as
    well as editorials. See attachment.

    We want to leave it to the IP-WG (and SSPC) to decide if these should be
    addressed before public review, or others should have a chance to review
    the original RL-003-15 as well. Both approaches are OK for us. For the
    second, we will consider bringing up the issues as public review

    It is not our intent to hold off IPv6 for BACnet with this, but we think
    the solution should be well interoperable, stable and efficient.

    Best Regards,

    Bernhard Isler
    Siemens Switzerland Ltd
    Building Technologies Division
    International Headquarters
    Fire Safety & Security Products

    Gubelstrasse 22
    CH-6301 Zug, Switzerland

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    Fax: +41 (41) 723 48 94


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