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10RE: [bacnet-ip-wg] SGD-004-05 - Network Object

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  • Carl Neilson
    Feb 6, 2006
      I have a few comments on the network object document:
      - Under table 12-13 there is a footnote indicateing that "MAC_Address" "May be writable for MS/TP networks." Any property in the standard may be writable unless explicitly restricted. If the intent is to only allow it to be writable for MS/TP then the footnote should be changed. I would not support such an approach (it should be allowed to be writable for any medium, IMHO).
      - In a number of places the text indicates "...the MAC_Address will the IP address... " which is incorrect. It will be the IP adress and the IP port - in a specific order which I don't recall right at this moment.
      - X.12 Baud_Rate - "This property in only applicable if the Network_Type is MS/TP" Applicable or present? Would this not also make sense for PTP? Or even Ethernet if you can query the card to determine if it is 10/100/1000? Maybe it should contain a specific value if the baud-rate is either not known or not applicable.
      - IP_DHCP_Enable - The language for this property should be changed to be similar to the language that is used for Enable in other objects.
      - Media_Instance - How does one relate the Media Instance to an actual hardware port in cases where the OS does not provide a 0 based instance (such as where the OS provides strings instead). Would it not be better to accomplish this mapping information through user documentation and/or Descirption/Object_Name property values?

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      Here is an updated version of SGD-004 with some additional use cases and resolving some issues that those brought up.

      I realize that we don't have a lot of time in Chicago, but it would be great if we have an opportunity to discuss this.  Otherwise, I will gladly accept comments via e-mail.


      -Stuart Donaldson-
      Software Engineering Lead
      Alerton / Honeywell
      Redmond, Washington

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