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  • Hi Mike, nice wrap up to the test series. I enjoyed your report and photos. I have no edits so feel free to upload to the site. You know the rest of the drill. Thanks, Coy Boy
    starnescr@... Nov 2
  • Hi Mike, nice wrap-up report to what seems to be a great food prep knife. I have no edits for the LTR except to jokingly add, so how did it throw....it was a pleasure working with you on this series! Coy Boy ---In backpackgeartesters@^$1, wrote : Hi Coy, Link and text below for my LTR. Thank you for your work on this series. Mike http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS...
    starnescr@... Oct 1
  • I remember only editing 2 IR reports and there are usually 3 so I looked it up. I'm seeing Andrea Murland listed as the third tester. I don't recall ever seeing her report receiving the knife. Andrea, if your listening, did you get the knife? I'm suspecting no, but wanted to check, sorta my job, which I'm lax on seeing as I'm just now checking. Coy Boy
    starnescr@... Aug 1
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  • Hi Mike M. I did not see anything to edit, enjoyed the report and photos. I see what you mean by the D-Ring, looks similar to something you'd find on a sandal. Guess that rules it out as a defensive weapon unless you have enough time, not that I expect to ever need to use a knife for defense and this one is not designed with this in mind, but you never know. And any substantial...
    starnescr@... Aug 1
  • Ill stick my 2 cents in. While provide as they are designed is technically correct, perform would read easier. Coy Boy
    starnescr@... Jul 30
  • Hi Mike, only one edit and a couple of comments. Enjoyed the report and photos. Full disclosure, I am a Gerber fan. This made for just enough oil to saute the veggies. I sliced a hand few of cherry tomatoes and cheese. Edit: I think you meant handful of cherry tomatoes. All this went onto a tortilla on top of the refried beans and some Cholula. So I guess I ended up with refried...
    starnescr@... Jul 30
  • I may have it backwards. Anyways, best to use your own photos when possible, I think the exceptions would be when a manufacture uses a cut away to show some neat feature or some part that is difficult or impossible to photograph. Coy Boy
    starnescr@... Jun 15
  • Hi Jamie, good check list, the only thing I noticed is the picture credit given to manufacture. It was recently decided that in series reports this was no longer allowed. Discouraged in owner reviews as well but maybe overlooked as new testers learns the ropes. There might be other exceptions but as a general rule, take your own photos. Coy Boy
    starnescr@... Jun 14
  • Hi Mike (another Mike on the same test...) Another nice IR! Just a couple (3) edits and one comment. ---In backpackgeartesters@^$1, wrote : Hi Coy, My IR below awaits your edits. Thank you, Mike http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/IR%20-%20Gerber%20Freescape%20Knife%20-%20Mike%20Pearl/ Lifetime Warranty *in North America only* Product is warranted to be free of...
    starnescr@... Apr 28
  • Hi Mike, great IR: I agree, the knife does go in the sheath backwards of most knives. Interesting. Also, talking about packaging is frowned upon unless it reflects on the use of the product. I might just say, it is wrapped in a plastic hanger like I have noticed cheaper knives being done, but it appears to be a high quality knife. Hmm guess my wording is not much better. You can...
    starnescr@... Apr 23