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APPLICATION TO TEST: JetBoil PCS, French Press, Pot Adapter

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  • Mark
    Requirements: Please bear with me as this is my first application to test something for BGT. Please review and accept my application to test the JetBoil PCS,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2005
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      Please bear with me as this is my first application to test
      something for BGT.
      Please review and accept my application to test the JetBoil PCS,
      French Press, and Pan adapter.
      I have completed and submitted my Application to Test to BGT.
      I have read and agree to abide by the survival guide.
      I have completed 2 Owner Reviews (with more actually being written
      I hereby certify that I am above 18 years of age.
      I understand that there are 3 sets of reports required for this test:
      3 reports (IR, FR, LTR) on the JetBoil PCS
      2 reports (IR, FR) on the French Press
      2 reports (IR, FR) on the pan adapter when received.
      I also certify that I live in the continental North America for the
      ground shipment of fuel and am responsible for the purchase of fuel
      in excess of the initial canister supplied.

      Biographical Information
      · Name: Mark Keskes
      · Age: 32
      · Gender: Male
      · Height: 5'9"/1.75 m
      · Weight: 270 lb/122 kg
      · Email address: markkeskes(at)yahoo(dot)com
      · Location: Michigan, USA
      Backpacking background: Although I first was exposed to camping in
      boy scouts as a youth, and spent some time in the military, and car
      camped a few times, I wasn't bitten by the backpacking bug until
      about a year ago. I participate in organizational/large group
      camping, as well as family backpacking, occasional car camping, and
      as many day trips as I can squeeze into my schedule. I live, work,
      and vacation primarily in Michigan in all seasons and weather. I
      enjoy hiking and day trips, but truly enjoy extended backpacking

      If chosen, I will use a multiple phase testing arrangement to test
      all pieces. Phase one will be in my kitchen, stovetop so as to have
      the most controlled settings for learning/experimenting. All
      further phases the PCS, French Press and pot adapter will replace my
      personal gear forcing me to rely on only it with no other back up
      available. Phase two will be a winter phase to include snow/ice
      melting for drinking water, as well as the initial field use on
      winter backpacking trips via snowshoe or ski into the backcountry.
      This phase will normally include day or short duration trips (Less
      than 4 days). Phase three will be a typical 3 season use and
      include longer trips including a culmination in Isle Royale in
      August that will last more than a week and segments of the North
      Country Scenic Trail. I will be pitting all of the equipment
      against my crews cooking for the entire time and even teasing my
      crew with taste tests of the same recipes. I will also be using it
      solo, but expect to emphasize it's use with the pot converter to
      multiple person cooking as well. They will be using an MSR
      Whisperlite International, as well as an MSR Alpine cook set. I
      also plan during this phase to pit the Jet Boil and it's associated
      pot adapter against the Whisperlite in multiple person cooking. I
      of course will be the only operator/carrier during all phases of
      testing. I expect varied terrain from concrete, sand dunes, hills,
      pathways, and off trail. Mean elevation of use 500-1400 ft/ 152-427
      m above sea level. Weather conditions: 0-98 degrees F/-17.77-54
      degrees C, rain, ice, snow, and heat. This system will create a
      savings of necessary space and weight over my current system and I
      look forward to implementing it into my lightweight gear that can be
      carried with my current daypack which has been used on ultra-light
      overnighters before but had no warm food to it. So far this next 6
      months I have planned 12 day trips, 6 overnight trips, and 2 long
      term trips that I would implement it's use in.


      1. Ease of set up with and without gloves.
      2. Ease of stove maintenance with and without gloves.
      3. Ease of cleaning.
      4. Fit of parts and systems together.
      5. Cartridge length of use variable of temperature/wind.
      6. Effective use of multiple cartridge brands.
      7. Ice/Snow melt for drinking water to include times/temps.
      8. Durability after a full seasons use to include possible slop
      in fit after multiple uses and or product breakdown to include the
      ignition system.
      9. How well it can simmer, or use multiple settings to truly
      cook meals with multiple phases of cooking as opposed to just
      boiling water for freeze-dried meals. This includes even heat
      distribution so as to prevent scorching meals on the bottom and
      having them raw on top. (Recipe's from my personal collection will
      be applied in house and in field for their ease of application)
      10. With the pot adapter to be able to use double boiling
      techniques as well as frying eggs etc.
      11. A back up ignition source (lighter) will be carried incase
      of ignition system failure.
      12. Does any of the cozy burn curl up or fail in any way even
      with repeated uses?
      13. Comparing the coffee press coffee to my regular brew coffee
      and my field coffee (instant and brewed).
      14. No baking will be applied due to the proximity of the fuel
      source and possible cartridge rupture.
      15. Use of a 200gm fuel canister to provide better heat mass to
      heat the ice and snow vs. the 100gm. Also to counter possible top

      My Completed Tests

      Owner Reviews:

      Superfeet Green Synergizers
      EMS Freedom Fanny Pack

      "You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees and
      stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters."
      Saint Bernard, Epistle
      French abbot & saint (1090 - 1153)

      "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front
      only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what
      it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had
      not lived."
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