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Repost: LTR - REI Half Dome 2 - Kerri Larkin

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  • Kerri Larkin
    Hi Ray, Thanks for your edits! Yes, in hindsight those sections were confusing, so IÆve reworded them. I havenÆt been able to use the tent in the rain and
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      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your edits! Yes, in hindsight those sections were confusing, so I’ve reworded them. I haven’t been able to use the tent in the rain and the only time it’s got wet was when I was testing with the sprinkler. I’ve re-written those sentences to hopefully make more sense. Because of the re-writes I’m posting this again for your consideration. Hope it works now. HTML is HERE.

      Kind regards,




      I've only been able to use the REI Half Dome 2 for a further four nights during this phase due to weather and work commitments. The first trip was a two night stay at Station Creek in the Yuragir National Park, northern New South Wales (NSW). The area is damp and humid with temperatures around the 29 C (84 F) mark during the day, and down to 23 C (73 F) overnight. With humidity around 70%, this is not my ideal camping weather but I wanted to see how the tent performed in hot and damp conditions. The area is wet sclerophyll forest on a sandy base. While the taller trees provide some shade, they also block the breeze making for a muggy camp.

      My second two nights were the very best kind of camping possible: on my back patio with a rapt five year old. Again, conditions were pretty warm with daily temps around 32 C (90 F) and overnight temps of 23 C (73 F). Although camping on a concrete pad, under a roof, is not perfect it was the best option due to continuing local showers. It meant we got to camp rather than postpone the event as my little friend's a mum requested we keep dry This meant that as we were under a roof we could sleep with the fly off to maximise cooling.


      This is a comfortable tent! I've really enjoyed using it as it's spacious (especially for one), was able to provide a comfortable 'home' for me, a five year old and my dog, stays comparatively cool, looks great, is light enough to carry easily and actually fits back inside its stuff sack. I've enjoyed the flexibility of having the roof vents open, one or both side doors open, and camping with the fly on or off. All in all, this is a versatile tent, but I'd love if there was some way to adjust the vents from inside the tent rather than having to go outside which, I imagine, would be especially unpleasant in a nasty storm to close them.

      There's ample vestibule space for storing gear and I find I tend to store gear in one vestibule (when I'm by myself) and use the other as the entry/exit, or to cook in. Even with two people, there was still plenty of room for gear and usual camp activities. It's great having that second door so I didn't get climbed on for overnight nature calls. Heaven!

      I still haven't had the opportunity to test the waterproofing in real-world conditions, but it has stood up pretty well to my garden sprinkler testing. As this doesn't really replicate torrential rains I still have concerns about water entering through the vents during driving rain, but as I've not had any luck at choosing trips in rainy weather, I can't honestly say whether this would be so.

      My tent still looks as good as the day it arrived: what minor dirt has stuck to the nylon has been easily brushed off or sponged away. All the zips are still in perfect order and there's no signs of wear. As I suspected initially, this appears to be a fine piece of kit.

      The REI Half Dome 2 Tent has been a joy to use: it's a very well made tent which is easy to erect and provides great space for weight. It's not the lightest tent in the world, but it makes no claims to be ultralight, simply lightweight. Is it worth the extra weight in my pack? Good question. Complex answer. For those times when I want to travel big distances with an ultralight pack, I have other tent choices. However, for all round comfort, space and affordability, this tent is hard to beat. When I'm staying closer to home, car camping or base camping, the Half Dome 2 has a lot going for it. It does have some very user-friendly features and has been designed to be very simple to erect. The colour coded poles and tabs help ensure the fly sheet is put on the right way every time, and the roof vents are really a great idea as small tents can get very hot inside.

      Will I continue using the REI Half Dome 2 tent? Absolutely. It's a robust and well made product which I'm sure will continue to give me years of service.

      That concludes my Long Term Report. I'd certainly like to offer a big thank you Recreational Equipment Inc and BackpackGearTest.org for the opportunity to take part in this test. It's been a lot of fun!
    • rayestrella1
      Looks good Kerri, Ray
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        Looks good Kerri,


      • Mike Mosack
        Hi Ray, What a great tent. IÆve included the HTML link and text versions below. Thanks in advance for the edits. Mike
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          Hi Ray,
          What a great tent. I’ve included the HTML link and text versions below. Thanks in advance for the edits.
          Location - Anza-Borrego Springs, California, USA
          Conditions: Typical desert including rocky, sandy, and dry terrain. Temperatures ranging from approximately 40 to over 70 F (4 to over 21 C).
          Duration: Four days, three nights.
          Well I was not able to get the tent out into any snow but I was able to get it into some cooler night time temperatures. The tent performed perfectly. I staked it out on a sandy area with rocks helping to hold the stakes in the ground. The tent sets up easily and all zippers zip and all adjusters adjust and hold where set. I've set up the tent with and without the rain fly, with and without the tent body utilizing the rain fly and optional footprint. The tent ventilates well with the rain fly attached without feeling too drafty. Taking the rain fly off, the starry night allowed me to see the stars through the tent body ceiling as the mesh is strong yet almost invisible.
          I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with this tent. The REI Half Dome 2 has proven that it stands up to the reputation of its predecessors.
          Some of the positives are...
          It is incredibly roomy with a relatively small footprint
          It is free-standing so I can set this tent up about anywhere and leave most or all of the stakes at home.
          There is a lightweight set up version when using the poles and optional footprint.
          The interior height in this tent allows me to sit straight up and move around easily inside.
          The rectangular floor allows two people to have equal space at both the head and foot.
          The rain fly allows two of us to store our gear next to our own door.
          I have no negatives to write about. The tent worked flawlessly throughout this test. I would appreciate it if the manufacturer included a footprint with the purchase of this tent instead of it having to be purchased separately.
          I would like to thank both <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.rei.com" LINK TEXT = "REI">> and <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.backpackgeartest.org" LINK TEXT = "BackpackGearTest.org">> for allowing me to participate in this test.
          This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
          Copyright 2014.  All rights reserved.
        • rayestrella1
          Hi Mike, Nice job on this test series. I see nothing to edit. Upload away! See you down the trail, Ray
          Message 4 of 4 , Feb 13 1:25 PM
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            Hi Mike,

            Nice job on this test series. I see nothing to edit. Upload away!

            See you down the trail,

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