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FR - Magellan 350H GPS - Mike Mosack

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  • scoutmaster1006
    Hello Here is my FR on the GPS. Thank you in advance for your time and edits. Mike Mosack
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2014
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      Here is my FR on the GPS. Thank you in advance for your time and edits.

      Mike Mosack


      Location #1 - El Capitan Mountain area, Eastern San Diego County in Southern California.
      Conditions: Foot trails and rocky outcroppings.
      Temperatures ranging from 38 to 75 F (3 to 24 C).
      Duration:  Two overnight trips

      Location #2 - Pacific Crest Trail section in Laguna Mountain region of Southern California, Cleveland National Forest, USA
      Conditions: Foot trails, open forest, and forest access dirt roads.
      Temperatures ranging from 30 to 75 F (-1 to 24 C)
      Duration: 3 days
      Using the computer software is relatively painless and easy. I first set up an account and registered my GPS and downloaded the Vantage Point software. Checked for updates and checked out the trip planing options available. It was all pretty straightforward and easy to use. There are numerous maps available for purchase on the website to include the entire US, sections of the US, sections of Canada and Mexico.

      If you're into "green" philosophy, Magellan provides the user manual via a downloadable file to your smartphone specifically intending to reduce environmental impact. There is a QR code displayed in the Quick Start Guide that comes with the GPS.

      I had occasion to play with the GPS while sitting stationary and I never moved. I found that when I went to the "Track Me" page and clicked on it. I marked my spot and no I didn't pee on it. I picked an icon for marking my position and checked it out on the map page. I then ended the trip (or tracking). I found that even though I never moved from my location, the GPS showed that I had traveled 214 ft (64 m) with an elevation gain of 102 ft (31 m). Under the Elevation Profile page it says my distance was 64 feet. This is pretty disconcerting to me as there is quite a disparity of information that is also inaccurate. I never moved! I do not believe that this was caused by the satellites narrowing down on my position as the GPS had had enough time to do that prior to my test trip. I would not have thought it would be so far off. I have to mention though that the actual GPS display is much brighter and easier to see than how it looks in my photographs here.
      During my trip to Laguna Mountain, I found myself near a dirt road or two-track for those who know what those are. Some might call this a forest service road, but regardless it showed up on the GPS which surprised me. I noticed it was about 20 ft (6 m) off from being accurately displayed on the screen but this was also under a thick canopy of trees and very little open sky overhead for the satellites to get a good fix on my position. So some accuracy loss is normal under those circumstances and this result was pretty good I think.
      I located the GMU (Game Management Unit) for the hunting area I was in. This is a pretty cool tool to have on the GPS. As I walked around and got close to the GMU border, I was able to see that on the display. This makes it so much easier to know the hunting boundary which keeps me in line with the game laws.
      So far, using this GPS has been a positive experience. I've never owned a Magellan brand before so there was only a very minor learning curve getting used to the difference from this brand to the one I have more experience with.  A couple of surprises with this device were the power stand by option, the road map and who can't love and find a use for a decent pile of steaming poop icon err I mean a scat icon.

      Pro -
      The size, shape, color, and feel of the GPS is good.
      The D-ring attachment is very convenient.
      The website is easy to navigate and use with the GPS.
      The numerous hunting specific icons work for me.
      The base map includes a good road map as well.
      There is a power standby option that turns off the display, while allowing tracking to continue, extending the battery life which is a terrific idea.

      Con -
      Comment - The power button blends in so well to the design of the GPS that it is difficult to locate at first but once located it is easy to use.
      The joystick is a small button that can be difficult to use with gloves on. It is difficult to use even without gloves, especially left to right as there isn't as much room as there is top to bottom.
      There is an accuracy discrepancy within the device from one page to another that I found during a stationary track of 214 ft (64 m) distance and 102 ft (31 m) of elevation change which neither actually occurred. This is a problem for me.

      I would like to thank both Magellan and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to participate in the test of this product. Please check back in about two months for my Long Term Report.
      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2014.  All rights reserved.

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