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FR - adidas Outdoors Terrex Fast X GTX shoes - John Water

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    Jen, I know this is terribly late and all I can say is, don t every build a house. Sorry BridGeT but Kathy s needs come first. The text is below and the URL
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      I know this is terribly late and all I can say is, don’t every build a house.  Sorry BridGeT but Kathy’s needs come first.  The text is below and the URL for the test file is http://tinyurl.com/pzxh3n2


      Thank you in advance for your edits.









      Music Pass, Colorado

      Music Pass trail in the Wet Mountains

       In the two months I've had the adidas Terrex shoes, I've been backpacking and hiking in Colorado and Utah. Most of my outings were in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) properties behind our ranch (over 400 square miles (1000 square km) of mountain terrain) and in the Wet Mountains near Westcliffe, Colorado. Altitude in these area reach to over 11,000 ft. (3353 m).


      The terrain was almost always high desert rocky semi-groomed trails, pebble scree, or boulders. The uneven ground consisted of everything from small shale shards to slabs of granite with very little packed dirt. When the trails weren't hard rock, they were the powdery dusty slippery consistency of our expansive soil (soil that expands when wet).

      It's been an extremely hot summer with most days over 90 F (32 C) and many over 100 F (38 C), but I still wore mid-calf medium-weight synthetic or wool socks with the adidas shoes at all times.


      My backpack weight for day hikes averaged 15 lb (7 kg) and for overnights, about 25 lb (11 kg).




      I have been very much enjoying my field test of the adidas Terrex Fast X GTX trail shoes. I was concerned that they would be too heavy to be comfortable when the temperatures here in the high desert of Colorado reached into the 100 F ( 38 C ) range. But, that was not the case. In fact, surprisingly, my feet do not sweat or smell as bad after hours of use at these temps as in other, lighter trail shoes I have.


      I've hiked over 50 miles (80 km) in these boots. I've worn them in mud, in dusty slippery soil, over loose pebbles on inclines, over boulders and through cactus fields, and through a few wash-outs.


      The quick lacing system worked without fail and never "hung up" on any low lying brush. It certainly makes getting the shoes on and off really fast and easy.


      There are a few things I look for in trail shoes.


      1. Can I go down a 40 degree or steeper incline with rocks covered in dry dust without breaking my neck by sliding on a rock? The dry dusty soil creates a real slippery surface on rocks. Real easy to break a leg or sprain an ankle.


      These shoes performed well. I didn't slip at all anywhere.   


      2. Do I ever feel like I am in danger of twisting an ankle? Low trail shoes do not have as much ankle supports as mid-height boots, but certain designs stop the foot from lateral movement and break-aways.


      These shoes performed well. In fact, during some hikes I forgot I had only trail shoes on because my footing felt so confident. I have some shoes that can be dangerous over certain terrain, but these adidas shoes made me feel secure at all times.


      3. Do the shoes make my feet feel sore, like I can't wait to take them off?


      I have worn these shoes for well over 15 hours per day and my feet do not feel tired or sore at all. I even wore them to do tower maintenance work several days because they were so comfortable and secure. Climbing a radio tower and standing with my feet against a 3/4 inch metal bar for 3 hours can be very rough on my feet. The fact that my feet didn't feel sore after being in that position over several climbs attests to the support offered by the adidas sole composition and design. These are pretty tough shoes that can take almost anything tossed their way. I started long hikes right away without a break-in period and had no problems at all with sore spots or blisters .


      4. Do my feet stink or sweat a lot?


      During high aerobic activity, even in cold temperatures, my feet can sweat and stink. As I mentioned earlier, my feet did not sweat or stink even after wearing these shoes for several hours straight at the high temperatures here over the past several weeks.


      5. Do the shoes hold up well after miles/kilometers of rough use?


      These adidas shoes did quite nicely. The soles show no pitting or tears and very little reduced tread depth. The toe bumpers are in great shape. So either I am getting really good at not stubbing my toes on rocks and tree stubs or the shoes are tough. The sides show no signs of wear other than dirt. I think I will try to clean these before the next report to see how they clean up. They still look quite nice.


      6. If they are advertised as waterproof or water resistant, do they meet the claim?


      Although I didn't keep my feet in water for an hour or so, I can attest that after having water half-way up the side of the shoes for stream crossing and after trekking though wet mud puddles, my feet did not feel any dampness at all. I've managed to keep water from going over the top and entering the inside. What did get wet outside dried quickly and mud cleaned off quite easily.




      I'm pleased with the performance of the adidas Terrex Fast X shoes over the course of our very hot summer months. They performed well in the heat and on all the treks I made. The shoes are comfortable, grip well, offer good support and have maintained their quality construction. I'm looking forward to even more time out in the field now that the weather is finally cooling off.


      Please check back in November to see how the shoes hold up in the fall and maybe even in the snow. Thank you to adidas Outdoors and BackpackGearTest.org for letting me try these shoes.


      John R. Waters 


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