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LTR - Helly Hansen Odin Fastpack - Shane Williams

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  • coloradosherpa14k
    This is my Long Term Report for the Helly Hansen Odin FastPack jacket. It s a little late, but got it in when I could. I ve been fighting a cold and work all
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      This is my Long Term Report for the Helly Hansen Odin FastPack jacket. It's a little late, but got it in when I could. I've been fighting a cold and work all week. I'm not making excuses...just trying to give the context.


      HTML Version: http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/LTR%20-%20Helly%20Hansen%20Odin%20Fastpack%20-%20Shane%20Williams/

      Text Version:
      Field Report: September 10th, 2013;
      Field Conditions:

      Location: Crestone Needle, Colorado
      Date: 07/21/2013
      Conditions: Warm/Sunny 50 - 82 F (10 - 27 C)

      Location: Maroon Peak, Colorado
      Date: 08/24/2013
      Conditions: Cool/Cloudy 40 - 77 F (4 - 25 C)

      Location: Pyramid Peak, Colorado
      Date: 08/25/2013
      Conditions: Warm/Sunny 45 - 84 F (7 - 28 C)
      Field Report:

      During this final phase of testing, which took place during the peak climbing season here in Colorado, I had ample opportunity to put Helly Hansen's Odin FastPack Jacket to good use. This series brought plenty of wind and rain to test the resolve of The Odin, and in none of those situations was I let down. In the back country as well as around town, The Odin has held up well and has yet to rip or tear. All zippers and seams have functioned as expected. The adjustable shock cords have held their elasticity and remain functional. Time and time again, as I've pulled it out to bring protection from the elements, I've been grateful to have had it in my pack.

      During my ascents of the Colorado 14ers Crestone Needle and Pyramid Peak, The Odin came in handy as a solid shell that efficiently retained heat while ascending the higher, more arid portions of the climb. With temperatures around 50 degrees (10 C) on both climbs it was reasonably warm, but a fair amount of wind made it difficult to get the right combination of layers to make the climb comfortable. Once I put on the Odin, I was still reasonably warm, and opened both ventilation zippers to let the excess body heat escape. When I was descending and generating less body heat, I zipped the ventilation zippers to keep warm in windy conditions

      While Ascending the Colorado 14er Maroon Peak, it was a much cloudier and colder day. After several hours of hiking I finally reached the saddle around 13000 ft (3962 M) the temperature was around 42 F (5 C) and there were sustained winds of 20+ MPH (32+ KPH). The combination of the two elements was enough to cause my fingers to go numb even with a pair of light weight gloves on. At the saddle I ducked behind an outcropping of rocks and put The Odin on. Once again, it served to bring adequate protection from the wind and make the elements manageable.

      The Odin is a fantastic piece of gear that I love having in my pack. I was especially impressed with its durability to weight ratio. I've carried The Odin in a 14 liter day pack and it compressed down to a single mesh pocket. I also carried it in my 8 liter Ultra Spire Surge hydration vest and still had room for other items like a head lamp, sports bars and other essential items for trail running.

      Field Image: Maroon Peak

      Helly Hansen has brought a great product to the table in The Odin FastPack Jacket. It's light weight, durable and compactable construction make it an essential piece of gear to have in the gear arsenal. Its performance in the field is superb. I'm sure it will be in my pack for many adventures to come.

      A special thanks to backpackgeartest.org and Helly Hansen for conducting this test series. Come back in September for my followup Long Term Report
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