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IR- Bushnell NatureView Binoculars- Ralph Ditton

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  • Ralph Ditton
    Hello Gail, Attached is the text version for your edit and a copy is in the test folder here: http://tinyurl.com/k36o7tf I look forward to your edits. Thank
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      Hello Gail,
      Attached is the text version for your edit and a copy is in the test folder

      I look forward to your edits.
      Thank you.

      Bushnell NatureView Binocular
      Bushnell NatureView
      Test Series by Ralph Ditton
      Initial Report: 21st August, 2013
      Field Report:
      Long Term Report:

      Personal Information
      Name Ralph Ditton
      Age 62
      Gender Male
      Height 1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)
      Weight 74 kg (163 lb)
      Email rdassettsAToptusnetDOTcomDOTau
      Location Perth, Western Australia. Australia

      Backpacking Background
      My playgrounds are the Bibbulmun Track, the Coastal Plain Trail, Darling
      Scarp and Cape to Cape Track. I lead walks for my bushwalking club and
      they consist of day walks and overnighters. My pack weight for multi day
      trips including food and water, tends to hover around 18 kg (40 lb) but
      I am trying to get lighter. My trips range from overnighters to six days
      On day walks my pack weight is around 5 kg (11 lb) including water.

      Product Information
      Bushnell Outdoor Products
      Manufacturer's URL
      NatureView 6 x 30mm
      Year of Manufacture
      Light leaf green
      Listed weight
      490 g (17.3 oz)
      Measured weight
      484 g (17.07 oz) without strap and lens cover
      Measured weight of strap
      20 g (0.70 oz)
      Measured weight of caps
      38 g (1.34 oz)
      Measured weight of case
      82 g (2.89 oz)

      Snapshot Specifications for 6 x 30 mm
      Magnification X Objective Lens
      6 x 30mm
      Close Focus (m/ft)
      2.74 m/9 ft
      Lens Coating
      Fully Multi-Coated
      Field of View m@ 1000m/1000 yds
      Adapt to Tripod
      Eye Relief
      20 mm
      Focus System
      Centre knob
      Exit Pupil (mm)
      5 mm
      Prism Glass
      Water/Fog Proof
      Prism System
      Size Class

      Product Description
      The binoculars are a compact unit measuring 120 mm (4.72 in) long x 134
      mm (5.27 in) across the front lenses when closed up and a height of 80
      mm (3.14 in) in the same configuration when the lenses are pushed up as
      close as possible together.
      Protecting the front and rear lenses are lens caps. The front lenses
      have individual plastic caps and the eyepiece lenses have a joined cap
      arrangement that is flexible so that when the lenses are pushed apart or
      together the centre of the lens attachment flexes. The caps can be seen
      in the top photo.
      The eye cap lens have a twist up arrangement. To activate I twist each
      surround in an anticlockwise direction. This position is best suited for
      people who do not wear glasses and cuts out side light. As I wear
      glasses I use the binoculars with the cap lens down. To achieve this, I
      twist the surround in a clockwise direction.
      There is an excellent handbook written in five languages, English,
      French, Spanish, German and Italian.
      The most important section is headed "Focusing". The instructions give
      good instructions in how to adjust each lens for each eye using the
      diopter ring and the -/+ scale. I found it very easy to understand and use.

      There is a neckstrap provided with the binoculars but they are not
      attached to the unit. I had the greatest dfficulty in trying to pass the
      end of the strap through the strap lug on the side of the binocular
      because they are just a fraction too wide for the slot. In the end I
      used the needlepoint pliers on my Leatherman to pull it through.
      This model is not compatible with a tripod.

      Also provided were a cleaning cloth and a carry case. The photo below
      shows the contents of the packaging. contents of box

      Initial Impression
      When I opened up the box I had no surprises as the binoculars were as I
      expected from the photo on the web site.
      Needless to say, I was very keen to go outside and try them out.
      The first thing that I did was adjust each lens to each of my eyes so
      that I had the best clarification available. As I wear glasses, I made
      sure that the eye caps were down.
      I was truly amazed at the clarity of the objects that I was observing. I
      looked at homes being built across the highway, traffic stopping at an
      intersection and I was able to read their number plates, a bus stop
      information board and magpies in trees a block away in the tops of trees.
      For close up viewing of insects and flowers I found that anything under
      about 3 metres (9.8 ft) was a bit blurry, so the manufacturer's claim of
      close focus of 2.74 m /9 ft to be about correct.

      Following birds in flight I had both of my middle fingers on the centre
      focus knob rotating it like mad, back and forth to try and keep focus
      and on the birds. I need more practice to lock on to birds in flight.
      The caps are a bit loose on the lenses. Not a snug fit, so I'll have to
      be careful and not lose them when I take the binoculars out of its carry

      Things I like

      * Good size and weight
      * Very sharp images
      * Centre focus knob easy to rotate quickly

      Things I did not Like

      * Trying to fit the strap to the binocular. Very tight.
      * Caps could be a bit more of a snug fit.

      Thanks to Backpackgeartest.org and Bushnell for providing the
      opportunity to test this item.
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