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Application - REI Flash Bag - Ed Morse

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  • Edwin Morse
    Kurt, please accept my application to test the REI Flash Bag. I have read and agree to comply with the newly revised Backpackgeartest bylaws, v. 0609. I will
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2013
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      Kurt, please accept my application to test the REI Flash Bag.

      I have read and agree to comply with the newly revised Backpackgeartest
      bylaws, v. 0609. I will pay careful attention to Chapters 4, 5 and 6 and the
      new test format. I have been notified that my tester agreement is on file.

      Name: Edwin Morse

      Age: 75

      Gender: male

      Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)

      Weight: 145 lb (65 kg)

      Email address: ed dot morse at charter dot net

      County, State, Country: Grand Traverse, Michigan, U.S.

      Date : July 14, 2013

      Backpacking background:

      I started backpacking in 1979 with two weeks in northern Michigan, along the
      shore of Lake Superior. My gear was cheap, heavy and painful. Starting pack
      weight was just over 70 lb (32 Kg), with food but no water. Since then I
      have made one- and two-week trips in Michigan, Maine, New Hampshire and
      Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida. Now my pack varies between
      22 and 32 lb (10 and 15 kg), including food and water. I'm slowly learning
      what lighter gear works for me. I do NOT intentionally backpack when there
      is the ground is snow covered.

      Test Plan: I've been using a quilt for all my backpacking for over four
      years now, which is great for when I use a hammock. When I use a tent the
      quilt is not the right answer. The REI Flash bag combines some interesting
      innovations for a light-weight sleeping bag.

      I don't have specific plans for backpacking for the rest of the year. My
      overnight hikes are often planned the night before I go. I have two general
      concepts for the summer. In July and August with warm weather I will combine
      backpacking and pack-rafting on the Manistee River. In early September I'm
      tentatively planning a week of hiking on Isle Royale. As the weather gets
      cooler in the fall I will be combining backpacking and trail maintenance
      projects. The REI Flash is rated at 32 F, which I think means a person could
      survive at that temperature. Since I will be pulling a cart with tools
      adding a quilt for extra warmth will not be a problem. If selected I would
      carry (and use each night) the REI Flash bag on all my backpacking during
      the test period. When the predicted temperature will e less than 50 F I will
      also take along a quilt.

      Switching from a quilt rated at 20 F to a sleeping bag rated at 32 F should
      be interesting. The REI Flash is close to the same weight as my quilt There
      are a few specific features for which I will be looking. At what
      temperatures is the Flash bag comfortable? Windy nights are a challenge when
      using a quilt. Will the Flash be comfortable on a windy night at 45 F? The
      big test is if I will continue to use the REI Flash bag for backpacking
      after the test is complete.

      I have no other applications pending. I have two tests in progress; the
      Helly Hanson Fast Flow jacket and the Gerber Intense Torch.

      I have done three Owner Reviews in the last year.

      Older tests and reviews I have written may be found at the following


      and, since I had to change my ID and password early last year the latest are


      I have no roles other than testing.

      My tester status page should be found at:


      Thank you for considering this application and thanks to REI for providing
      this sleeping bag for evaluation and testing.

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