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FR: Helly Hansen H2 Flow Jacket- Nancy Griffith

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  • Nancy Griffith
    Hi Kathy,   I ve posted my FR to the test folder.  Here s the text and link.  This is a wonderful jacket...just a bit too heavy for my backpacking
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      Hi Kathy,
      I've posted my FR to the test folder.  Here's the text and link.  This is a wonderful jacket...just a bit too heavy for my backpacking preferences.
      Thanks for providing the edits.
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Forni Lake">>I wore the Flow jacket on two backpacking trips (a two-day and a four-day), three morning runs, one day-hike and multiple lunch-time walks.
      Loon Lake, Sierra Nevada, California: 2 days; 10 mi (16 km); 6,327 to 6,500 (1,928 to 1,981 m); 34 to 59 F (1 to 15 C) with clear conditions; wore hiking through snowfields at first part of hike then wore in evenings and mornings in camp.
      Hetch Hetchy, Yosemite National Park, California: 4 days; 32 miles (52 km); 3,900 to 7,400 ft (1,189 to 2,256 m); wore in camp in evenings and mornings.
      Forni Lake, Desolation Wilderness, California: 10 mi (16 km); 6,600 to 7,100 ft (2,012 to 2,164 m) elevation; 50 to 60 F (10 to 16 C); cold wind blowing off of snow fields.
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Loon Lake">>The Flow jacket provides a similar amount of warmth in the torso as my light down jacket.  In the evening at Laurel Lake though I opted for my down jacket instead which provided better warmth for my arms.  The level of warmth of the Flow is perfect for my spring, summer and fall backpacking but the weight of it is twice what my light down jacket weighs.  For testing I've been carrying both jackets.
      The jacket is very comfortable on my skin and is a great wind block.  On several occasions there was a cold strong wind and I was so happy to have the Flow to protect me.  Particularly at Forni Lake there was a very strong wind blowing off of the half-frozen lake and snow fields.  It kept me comfortable and warm while slowly circumnavigating the lake in an attempt to catch-and-release more brook trout than my husband.  We tied.
      As things warmed up I used the front ventilation zippers to help cool me.  They definitely allowed me to leave the jacket on longer rather than just getting too hot and having to remove it.  On my runs I would start out with the jacket which was very welcome but eventually even the front ventilation wasn't cooling enough and I slipped it off of my shoulders to still keep my arms warm but let most of the heat escape.  The ventilation was very good.  It never felt clammy and I never saw any water droplets inside the jacket when I got back home.
      I wore the jacket in some light rain and it did a good job of resisting the water.  I wasn't out in any significant rain for a long enough period to test how waterproof it is.
      The jacket compresses pretty well and was easy to pack in my clothing dry sack in my backpack.  It doesn't even stay significantly wrinkled once I pull it out.  In camp the jacket also served as a pillow case and I liked the feel of the fabric on my face.  It is soft and comfortable and not stiff like many of my windproof jackets.
      I still noticed the sleeve bunching up when I inserted my arms but I'm kind of used to it now and it hasn't really been any issue.  It all straightens out once my arms are through the cuffs.
      The durability has been very good.  There are no signs of wear, no snags, no pilling and no abrasions despite wearing it through some challenging terrain and with a pack.  I washed the jacket one time and it came out looking nearly new.
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "Lake Vernon">>The Helly Hansen H2 Flow jacket is a mid-weight jacket providing just the amount of warmth that I need and doing a great job of blocking the wind.
      Very comfortable
      Great wind block
      Stylish and I love the color
      Twice the weight of my down backpacking jacket
      This concludes my Field Test Report.  Check back in approximately two months for my Long-Term Report.
      Thanks to Helly Hansen and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to participate in this test.
      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2013.  All rights reserved.

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