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  • ftroop94
    Monitor... Here is my IR on the Tilley Camo hat...Nice so far...I will shoot you an email once accepted. KW is in FL with the grand young in s so Bridg t may
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      Here is my IR on the Tilley Camo hat...Nice so far...I will shoot you an email once accepted. KW is in FL with the grand young in's so Bridg't may not get this to you....







      June 30, 2013


      NAME: Steven M Kidd
      EMAIL: ftroop94ATgmailDOTcom
      AGE: 41
      LOCATION: Franklin, Tennessee
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
      WEIGHT: 173 lb (78.50 kg)

      Backpacking Background: I've been a backpacker on and off for over 30 years. I backpacked as a Boy Scout, and then again almost every month in my twenties, while packing an average weight of 50+ lbs (23+ kg). In the last several years I have become a hammock camping enthusiast. I generally go on one or two night outings that cover between 5 to 20 mi (8 - 32 km) distances. I try to keep the all-inclusive weight of my pack under 20 lb (9 kg) even in the winter.



      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 1" IMAGE CAPTION = "Image Courtesy Tilley Endurables">>

      Manufacturer: Tilley Endurables
      Year of Manufacture: 2013
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.tilley.com">>
      MSRP: US $78
      Listed Weight: 4.8 oz (136 g)
      Measured Weight: 3.7 oz (104 g)
      Listed and Measured Brim size: Front and Back: 2.75 in (7 cm) Sides: 2.375 in (6 cm)
      Crown Measurement: 3.5 in (9 cm)
      Sizes Available: 13 U.S. Hat Sizes ranging from 6 7/8 to 8+
      Size Tested: 7 1/2 {Inside Label Info--Size: 7 1/2; 23 1/2 in; 60 cm}
      Fabric: Cordura nylon with water repellant finish & polyethylene foam in the lid

      The Tilley LT3C Snap-Up Camouflage Hat is much like the name implies; a brimmed hat with the ability to snap either one or both sides to the crown similar to Australian hats used in the Outback. It's made of cordura nylon and is certified to block up to 98% of the harmful UVA/UVB radiation while delivering an UPF of 50+. The snaps are made with 'British brass' as are the dual ventilation holes on either side of the crown and are suggested to acquire a patina in after being introduced to salty climates.

      Tilley hats have several key selling features from a lifetime guarantee to a secret pocket, even insurance against loss and more. I could describe these all in detail, but an image on the Tilley website sums up the 'Anatomy of the Tilley Hat' quite well.

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 2" IMAGE CAPTION = "Anatomy of the Tilley Hat">>

      The hat came with a four page owner's manual that like the website is a bit braggadocio. In my opinion this is all in fun and part of the mystique of the brand. The comical manual does explain how the hat should fit, to wearing the wind cord properly and washing and care instructions. I actually referred back to the owner's manual to decipher "Which is the Front"? of the Tilley Hat! In fact to expound on the comedic hubris; the hat came with a small re-sealable zippered style plastic storage bag suggested to store cash and with several 'Brag Tags' to give to folks that may inquire about the hat. I have decided to leave the bag in the secret pouch and will freely give them out if anyone asks about the hat!

      The hat does actually have a two-year insurance policy after a 50% deductible, be it lost, stolen or destroyed. They also state they will replace the hat if it ever wears out at no charge; the owner merely pays nominal shipping and handling fee.


      To be 100% honest I took a bit of a pause before deciding on testing this product. It certainly wasn't because of the hat, as I've heard nothing but positive things about Tilley Hats. It was the color that concerned me. Camouflage simply isn't a color that sneaks into my regular wardrobe...even in the backwoods. I often joke that I wore it religiously in my youth 'when the government made me', but I don't often find it necessary to wear the color scheme in the backcountry these days.

      That stated the brand itself and the other features of the hat enticed me to give it a swirl. I will attest that I was excited when the hat arrived. I say this, not because my attitude toward camouflage changed overnight, but because the hues in the web images were actually bolder than the product that arrived. That is to say I much prefer the more muted colors of the actual lid, over the deeper hues presented on the website. To further explain, this commercial pattern still resembles that of a 1980's US Military issue Woodland Camouflage item, but the hues are more subdued and subtler like a current MARPAT comouflage without the digital appearance.

      The brass on the four vent holes and the two snaps is certainly bold, but not shiny on this new cover, however I'm sure it will green or acquire a 'patina' with time. I assure the reader that I will never shine it during this test series or anytime thereafter!


      It fits quite well, especially since I went up a size...as Tilley suggests. I'm not sure I'm in love with the wind cordage at present, but time will only tell how I adapt to this feature. At present I've only worn both sides of the cord on the back of my skull like a Drill Instructor would wear a cover.

      I've yet to become comfortable with wearing it in this manner because the cordage is a shoestring material and sits loosely on my nape. Historically in wearing a campaign cover I used a leather strap that fit snuggly on the back of my head.

      I've wondered if tucking the straps into the crown during low wind would make sense, but it doesn't feel comfortable. I can almost assure the reader I'll never wear a strap around my chin. I thoroughly understand the reasoning behind the cordage, but if this old boot can't secure his cover with a back strap he'll probably just have to utilize his insurance claim.

      The Tilley is soft and comfortable and fits well on my noggin. I giggle as I pen this because there is one key attribute that I've struggled with and I believe I've uncovered my hesitance just now. The lid simply has no conformity at this point. It certainly may be shaped and I will do so...but I have just realized it isn't 'crisp' or 'sharp' and I've kept wondering why it doesn't look 'normal to me'? I realized that this is a pleasure hat for use in the backwoods and not an article of a uniform! Thankfully I came to this realization before I pulled out a can of starch...as I was contemplating!



      Although the color wasn't my ideal choice for a Tilley Endurable I was quite happy with the subdued camouflage hues and have quickly become a fan of the lid. I look forward to wearing it in the backwoods as well as in other outdoor areas. My wife didn't necessarily believe it was the best choice for me to wear for sun protection to the neighborhood pool, but I'll certainly be wearing it throughout the summer and have her accustomed to seeing me in it by the time we make it to the beach!

      I do plan on using it regularly on all my backcountry outings throughout the four month test series and look forward to giving reports on the performance. Please check back in roughly two months for my first field report and another two month following that for a final review of this cover!

      I'd like to thank BackpackGearTest.org and Tilley Endurables for giving me the opportunity to test this product.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.
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