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IR - adidas Outdoors Terrex Fast X GTX Shoes - John Waters

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    Below is the text for my IR for the adidas shoes. My HTML can be seen in the test folder at
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      Below is the text for my IR for the adidas shoes. My HTML can be seen in
      the test folder at

      Thanks in advance for the edits.

      John Waters



      adidas Outdoors Terrex Fast X GTX shoes

      Picture Courtesy of Manufacturer


      INITIAL REPORT - June 28, 2013


      NAME: John R. Waters

      EMAIL: jrw at backpackgeartest dot org

      AGE: 64

      LOCATION: Canon City, CO USA

      GENDER: M

      HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)

      WEIGHT: 175 lb (79.40 kg)

      My backpacking began in 1999. I have hiked rainforests in Hawaii, Costa
      Rica, and Puerto Rico, glaciers in New Zealand and Iceland, 14ers in
      Colorado and Death Valley's deserts. I hike or snowshoe 6-8 miles (10 km-13
      km) 2-3 times weekly in the Cooper Mountain range, with other day-long hikes
      on various other southwest and central Colorado trails. I frequently hike
      the mountains and deserts of Utah and Arizona as well. My daypack is 18 lb
      (8 kg); overnights' weigh over 25 lb (11 kg). I'm aiming to reduce my weight
      load by 40% or more.




      Manufacturer: adidas Outdoors

      Year of Manufacture: 2013

      Manufacturer's Website: http://www.adidas.com

      MSRP: US$165.00

      Listed Weight: 15.5 ounces (per shoe, size 9) - 439 g

      Measured Weight: 1.06 lb (per shoe, size 10.5 US) - 480 g

      Sizes Available: 6-14 US

      Size Tested: 10.5 US

      Color Available/Tested: Solid Grey/Black/Vivid Red

      Other Features: (from manufacturer's website)

      * FORMOTIONR for enhanced motion control and downhill comfort

      * High-abrasion mesh and synthetic upper materials for breathability and

      * ADIPRENER+ in the forefoot maintains propulsion and efficiency

      * Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEXR lining

      * Speed lacing construction for fast and snug lacing

      * TRAXIONT outsole for the best grip and agility during fast activities

      * ContinentalT Rubber outsole for optimal grip in wet conditions

      * Imported


      I am happy to be field testing the Adidas Outdoors Terrex Fast X Low GTX
      shoes over the next 16 weeks. Adidas Outdoors is not a name I would have
      associated with hiking and backpacking much in the past, so I am interested
      to see how these shoes perform over rough terrain on the trails.

      These are not the lightest weight trail shoes I have ever used (1.06 lb (482
      grams) for my size 10.5 US), however, the additional small amount of weight
      over lighter shoes makes the Terrex Fast X shoes feel substantial and secure
      on my feet.

      adidas Outdoors calls this model "low", but I have had lower shoes. The top
      of the shoe just about touches the bottom of my ankles, so there is a small
      amount of ankle movement, but with the boot laces cinched up tightly I can
      only turn my ankles about 30 degrees. The distance from the floor to the top
      of the lower curve by the ankle is 4 in. (10 cm).

      The nicely cushioned tongue ends up about an inch (2.5 cm) above my ankle
      height and wraps around to the front of each ankle, so there is plenty of
      cushioning there.

      The lacing system is a "speed-lacing" system which apparently nobody has
      specifically named because there are a variety of such lacing systems. This
      one uses a slide grip that grabs both sides of the lace (which appears to be
      a black woven nylon over either wire or nylon line). I can push the lever on
      the slide and it allows the slide to move along both laces at the same time
      evenly and allows me to get the laces quite tight. I can then release the
      lever and the slide locks in position. I really like this! I can see 20
      years from now the great-grandkids saying "Grandpa John, you are so old you
      used to tie your shoes! Hahaha" ... real funny kids.

      There is a thoughtfully provided (and trademark labeled) Bungee holder at
      the front of the laces to stick the slide under and keep it in place. Nice
      job, adidas Outdoors.

      These shoes do feel narrow. I think anyone with wide feet should go to a
      dealer and try them on. The narrow footbed was one of the first things I
      noticed as soon as I put them on. The widest point from side to side is 4
      in. (10 cm).

      The soles are Continental Rubber's TRAXION, which I have used before. I'll
      have to see how this implementation works on wet rocks and in slippery mud
      with the tread design adidas Outdoors is using. I will say that I cannot
      sneak around on a hardwood or tile floor with these. They squeak. I will
      have to get an old piece of tile out and see if they imprint or mark.

      The shoes are quite attractive. Black with touches of reflective stitching
      at the lace joints and 3 labels for GORE-TEX.

      The toe rand protector is well done and the rear heel slopes towards the
      instep rather than ending abruptly. The rear heel also has a separate
      cushioned section at the back, which is red. I am hoping this will help
      performance on downhill traverses over hard rock. We will see.

      The insole is RED. It's got a big Ortolite trademark on it. It's a simple
      sculpted insole with 3 layers in the front half of the insole. These are not
      shown on the Ortholite Web site and are probably custom made for adidas
      Outdoors for these shoes. However, these are better than some of the other
      insoles that come standard with other shoes. Thanks, adidas Outdoors.

      The tread design is pretty aggressive with a bunch of 1/2 in (1.27 cm) wide
      and 1/16 in. (.16 cm) high nubs and plenty of clear space all around them. I
      am hoping that, with this design, these shoes will perform very well in
      muddy conditions.

      Of course, with 3 labels for GORE-TEX and being called the Terrex Fast X Low
      GTX, the shoes are GORE-TEX-lined. I'll need to try this out on some streams
      and waterfalls and hopefully in the rain if we actually get some during the
      next 16 weeks. We are in one of the worst droughts Colorado has seen since
      the Dustbowl of 1929.

      I am excited about being able to field test these. I put them on as soon as
      I got them and I can say that no break-in period was needed. I'll be wearing
      these on all my hikes during this period.


      My sincere thanks to BackpackGearTest.org and adidas Outdoors for giving me
      the chance to try out the Terrex Fast X GTX shoes. Please check back here in
      early September 2013 to see where my Terrex and I have been and how we've
      gotten along.

      John R. Waters

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