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IR - Helly Hansen Odin Traverse Pants - Brett Haydin

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  • Brett Haydin
    Dear Mystery Monitor, I have my IR ready for you to red-line. These seem like great pants for my use. I can t wait to glissade in them! Are we going to
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      Dear Mystery Monitor, I have my IR ready for you to red-line. These seem like great pants for my use. I can't wait to glissade in them! Are we going to allow embedded videos for that <grin>? Seriously, the html is at: http://tinyurl.com/a7jj6b7 The text follows. Thanks in advance for your help on this series! Initial ReportProduct Information & SpecificationsManufacturer: Helly Hansen
      Year of Manufacture: 2013Manufacturer's Website: www.hellyhansen.comMSRP: $200.00 USListed Weight: 14.1 oz (400 g)Measured Weight: 16.5 oz (468 g)Color Tested: Ebony (only color available)Size Tested: Extra Large (also available in S, M, L, XXL)Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty for the life of the product.Product DescriptionThe Helly Hansen Odin Traverse Pants, hereafter referred to as the "pants", "Odin" or "Traverse," is touted by the manufacturer as outdoor trousers for use by professionals. Designed with mountains in mind, the outer shell is made of burly nylon while the inner layer is a polyester fabric. I would describe the fit of the pants as "athletic" or slim. My body shape can fit in either a Large or Extra Large pant, but in this case the XL is a perfect fit for me.The Odin Traverse Pants are 100% waterproof and breathable thanks to the manufacturer's proprietary Helly Tech Professional fabric. Built for durability, but without extra weight or construction, the pants are simple, yet refined and versatile. The Traverse features a 3/4 two-way zippers on the sides of the legs that should make putting them on easy over my boots. But they will also help with ventilation as well. The zippers are YKK zippers (the best in my opinion) with a plastic pull tab for easy handling. There are three, fleece-lined pockets on the front of the pant as well; two for the hands and one just below on my right leg which functions as a cargo pocket. The three zippers for these are water-resistant YKK Aquaguard pockets. The lower pocket does not have a pull tab like all of the others, but has a rubber nub on it making it easy to grasp. There is an elastic waistband built into the pants that is secured and/or tightened using a hook and loop tab. There are also wide 2.5 in (6.4 cm) belt loops should I decide to use my own belt instead. The waistband is also fleece-lined on the inside, which is a great touch (pun intended).. The cuffs are neatly hemmed with an elastic draw-cord built in to keep them cinched up tight when I need to. The elastic cord pulls up into the interior of the pant leg (see image at left) to keep it out of the way. The pants come with a hang tag affixed to one of the pockets with basic information about the Helly Tech fabrics. The Helly Hansen logo is printed above the cargo pocket. The Helly Tech logo is printed on the rear left hip portion of the pants as well. And for good measure, the Odin logo (yes there is a whole line of Odin wear offered by Helly Hansen) is on the back of the right leg. On the waistband there is also a printed box talking about the origon of the name and all the logos in one place. There are also tags on the inside of the pants with care instructions in four languages. I just recognize the English one. Initial ImpressionsThese pants are not at all what I expected, but not necessarily in a bad way. They have the feel of an outer shell, but the manufacturer doesn't refer to them that way. Instead, they are meant to be used in the mountains where temperatures, winds and precipitation can change before you can change layers. With this in mind, I am excited to take these out into the field. The 3/4 zip will be a plus as the summer draws near, but I am hopeful that a base layer underneath will keep me warm while the solid waterproof exterior will keep the elements out. The pants are true to size, so I am glad I "sized up" this time. I have muscular legs but the pants don't feel tight at all. I have complete range of motion for scrambling up the boulders in the Rocky Mountains of the Colorado. The elastic cord is a little odd to me. Since the slack floats freely in the leg, I have noticed that it can slip out of the pant leg after a while just while wearing the pants at home. Reading the InstructionsHelly Hansen is no newcomer to the outdoor gear market. Their story began in 1877 in Norway according to the manufacturer's website. Its quite impressive, actually. What I liked is that the website is easy to navigate and that there is information about their corporate policies. Helly Hansen strives to be a sustainable business with high regard for environmental practices. This is a major selling point to me. Caring for the pants should be easy. Wash with mild detergent but no tumbling for a dryer. Sounds like hanging them on a clothes line is the best way. SummaryOverall I am especially impressed with these pants. I am looking forward to taking them up a few mountains this spring and summer. Pros: Comfortable, true to size and seem to be quite durable. I like that they are waterproof and breathable, but also incorporate ventilation. Cons: The draw cords in the hems seem awkward. This concludes my initial report. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Helly Hansen for their generosity as well as the folks at BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to be a part of this test series. Please check back in approximately two months to see how the pants have held up to my backpacking trips.

      Brett Haydin


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