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  • Jamie D.
    Hi Kara, Looks like I get to assist you guys on this yummy looking test. As I have mentioned to the other testers there seems a bit of confusion about what
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      Hi Kara,

      Looks like I get to assist you guys on this yummy looking test. As I have mentioned to the other testers there seems a bit of confusion about what the official name is going to be for the BGT site so I've asked Curt, the Test Mod to clarify. I'm fairly certainly the manufacturer should be listed as Premier Organics LLC, Inc., however. Please fix that now and when I hear from Curt about the rest I'll let you know.

      Your HTML (links, layout, pics) looks good. Thank you for including the size comparison to the battery. That's helpful at least to those of us in the USA. I found a few simple things for you to fix and I have a suggestion for some additional info. I'd like you to consider adding.
      My edits, suggestions and comments are marked with ## just below a snip of your words.

      Jamie DeBenedetto
      Artisana Nut Butter Monitor

      You - Each package has the following on it: "Made on machinery that processes tree nuts, but the facility is free from peanuts, gluten dairy, and soy.

      ##Edit - , missing after "gluten"
      You - All superfood nut butters are a product of California, USA.

      ##Comment – Thank you for including that. The other two testers didn't include anything about processing location and I personally find that info. very important.
      You – In Berry Antioxidant Nut Butter - Ingredients: raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw organic goji berry powder, raw organic elderberry powder, raw organic agave and raw organic stevia
      ##Edit – in all the rest of the ingredient lists you have the first "raw" capitalized, this one is not. Please uniform.

      You - Marine Phyto Plankton

      ##Edit – They have Phytoplankton as all one word.
      You - Total Carboydrates 4 g

      ##Edit – This one is in the Marine Phytoplankton section: "Carbohydrates" is misspelled

      You - The packages have directs to "Knead it, Squeeze it, Enjoy!"

      ##Edit – directions
      You - While I did not enjoy a package (I'm waiting until I can hit the trail with them), I need knead the package.

      ##Edit – "need knead" ???huh??? Please correct
      You - The package seems sturdy and while I was initially worried about the package popping if I kneaded it too hard, it stood to my rough kneaded and I am no longer worried about it popping open.

      ##Edit – stood to my rough "kneaded" – Do you mean "stood up to" my rough "kneading" ?

      You - Also the nut butters are made in a facility free from common allergens - peanuts, gluten dairy, and soy- which is a plus for those with allergies.

      ##Edit – you already mentioned this information at the top of your IR

      ##Edit - you forgot to conclude your report with the required ending something like, "This concludes my _________ report, please check back etc....."

      ##Comment/Question –I'm curious if the company lists what their intended purpose is, meaning are these like Honey Stingers or Power Shots where you simply squeeze the contents into your mouth or are they meant as more of a spread used to enhance something else akin to peanut butter or nutella? What's your take and how do you plan to utilize them?
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