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IR - GSI Pack Kitchen 8 - Dawn Larsen

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  • vicioushillbilly
    Happy Easter, spring, whatever this day is for you! Please find my IR for the Pack Kitchen. Thanks in advance for the edits. The url is:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2013
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      Happy Easter, spring, whatever this day is for you!

      Please find my IR for the Pack Kitchen. Thanks in advance for the edits. The url is: http://tinyurl.com/d8gypow


      Test Report
      GSI Pack Kitchen 8

      Name: Dawn Larsen
      Age: 52
      Gender: female
      Height: 5' 4" (163 cm)
      Weight: 155 lb (70 kg)
      Email address: vicioushillbilly AT gmail DOT com
      Florence, South Carolina USA

      Backpacking Background:
      I used to backpack in college a zillion years ago and just in the last few years have backpacked some private trails in Tennessee, Missouri and most recently South Carolina. I have been an avid car-camper for eleven years and I have kayak/canoe camped for four years, in South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas. I use a lot of the same equipment for both. I hike hilly/rocky trails especially in Missouri (my home state) and Arkansas. I live in South Carolina and am busy checking out the terrain here with my nineteen year-old son.

      Manufacturer: GSI Outdoors
      Website: www.gsioutdoors.com
      Manufacturer and Measured Dimensions: 7.5 (297 mm) x 5 (196 mm) x 2.5 (51mm) in
      Manufacturer Weight: 3.7 oz (105 g)
      Tested Weight without tag: 3.75 oz (106 g)
      Pouches capacity: 2 fl oz (60 ml)
      Model Year 2013
      MSRP $16.95

      Initial Report
      31 March 2013

      The Pack Kitchen arrived in a box packaged as shown in the picture below. All components were packaged in a mesh bag with a hangtag attached. The components include: pack spatula, pack spoon, mini salt and pepper shaker, 2 condiment pouches, two extra "spurt lids," camp towel, and scouring pad (second picture).

      packed kit unpacked

      Initial Observations

      The first thing I noticed was the two little caps. I think it's ingenious that GSI realized that you would have to have a cap that seals well for packing and a cap that "spurts" well for cooking. Good on them!

      The salt and pepper shaker:
      This thing is very well thought out. The waterproof container has two wells for salt and pepper. The two plastic shaker caps are really great. One snaps on the top of the container and the other is stored in the base. The orange lid snaps on the base to keep the extra shaker top in place and then the gray lid screws on the top. I only worry that I might lose the little shaker tops.

      Pouches: The pouches are very cool too. They are BPA free. The sealing lid is attached to a cord so I won't lose it. I'll have to think a while about what I would put in those. I assume, considering the yellow and red color, GSI thinks it should be catsup and mustard? I don't use either.

      Cloths: The dish cloth seems durable. The scrubby thing is not any different that what I could buy anywhere. I will put them both to good use. I wonder if the dish cloth will wash clean or if it will stain and retain odor and grease.

      Utensils: I like that they are lightweight and they seem just the correct size for my JetBoil system. I also like the hooks on the end to hang of the sides of a pot or cup.

      Missing: I wish they would have included something for oil. That is the worst because it gets on everything. Maybe that is what I will use one of the pouches for.

      What I like
      The salt and pepper shaker is one of the coolest things I've seen
      Utensils are a nice size.
      I like that the lids on the pouches are corded.

      What I don't like
      I wish there was an oil container, but...
      Maybe that is what I will use the pouches for (which might otherwise be unnecessary for me).

      This concludes my Initial Report. Stay tuned for my Field Report in a couple of months. Many thanks to GSI and BackpackGearTest.org for the opportunity to test their Backpacking socks.
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