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Application - Helly Hansen Odin Fastpack Jacket - Ed Morse

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  • Edwin Morse
    Dawn, please accept my application to test the Helly Hansen Odin Fastpack Jacket. I have read and agree to comply with the newly revised Backpackgeartest
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2013
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      Dawn, please accept my application to test the Helly Hansen Odin Fastpack

      I have read and agree to comply with the newly revised Backpackgeartest
      bylaws, v. 0609. I will pay careful attention to Chapters 4, 5 and 6 and the
      new test format. I have been notified that my tester agreement is on file.

      Name: Edwin Morse

      Age: 75

      Gender: male

      Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)

      Weight: 145 lb (65 kg)

      Email address: ed dot morse at charter dot net

      County, State, Country: Grand Traverse County, Michigan, U.S.

      Date: March 17, 2013

      Backpacking background:

      I started backpacking in 1979 with two weeks in northern Michigan, along the
      shore of Lake Superior. My gear was cheap, heavy and painful. Starting pack
      weight was just over 70 lb (32 Kg), with food but no water. Since then I
      have made one- and two-week trips in Michigan, Maine, New Hampshire and
      Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida. Now my pack varies between
      22 and 32 lb (10 and 15 kg), including food and water. I'm slowly learning
      what lighter gear works for me. I do NOT intentionally backpack when there
      is the ground is snow covered.

      Test Plan: When our snow is mostly gone (sometime between next week and mid
      April) I will start with two overnight hikes to evaluate all my clothes and
      equipment. My overnight hikes are often planned the night before I go. I
      have three longer hikes in various stages of planning. In early May I plan a
      two night hike of about 30 miles, half of which will be off trail
      bushwhacking. In early June I plan to hike about 100 miles of the North
      Country trail in the Manistee National Forest. In July I have nearly
      completed plans for about 10 days on Isle Royale. The remainder of my hikes
      this summer will all be on the North Country Trail. In August I'm debating
      between hiking from the south of the village of Mesick, Michigan to north of
      the village of Kalkaska or the North Country from Lake Michigan to
      Tahquamenon Falls across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

      Spring and early summer is nearly always rainy in this area. I can't
      remember, other than a few overnight hikes, when I did NOT get rained on. I
      always carry rain gear when hiking.

      There are a few specific features at which I will be looking. The hood is
      supposedly helmet compatible and fully adjustable. I only wear a helmet when
      I'm bike riding. I will have to do a few rides in the rain. Is the hood
      adjustable enough to wear over just a baseball type of cap? Fully waterproof
      and breathable(?) and guaranteed? I have five rain jackets and all will keep
      the rain out and keep me warm. No rain jacket I have will keep me dry inside
      the jacket - I sweat too much when I hike. I would really like to try a rain
      jacket that would keep me warm and dry. I will also be looking at the one
      hand adjustment. The big test is if the Odin jacket is light weight enough
      and comfortable enough that I will continue to use it for backpacking after
      the test is complete.

      I have one application pending - the Mountainsmith Red Rock 25 day pack.

      I have no tests in progress.

      I have done two Owner Reviews in the last year.

      Tests and reviews I have written may be found at the following location:


      or, since I had to change my ID and password early last year the latest are


      I have no roles other than testing.

      Thank you for considering this application and thanks to Helly Hansen for
      providing this jacket for evaluation and testing.

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