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LTR - GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Kettle - Kerri Larkin

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  • Kerri Larkin
    Hi Lori, Please find following my LTR for the GSI Glacier kettle for your editing delight. The HTML can be found here, or at
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      Hi Lori,

      Please find following my LTR for the GSI Glacier kettle for your editing delight. The HTML can be found here, or at http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/LTR%20-%20GSI%20Glacier%20Stainless%20Kettle%20-%20Kerri%20Larkin/

      Thanks in advance for the edits.

      Kind regards,


      LONG TERM REPORT - 13 MARCH 2013


      Since my field report, I've used the GSI on four day trips (car-based) to make a roadside cup of tea, and one more overnight trip.
      The car-based trips were within the hinterland of my local area, during four-wheel driving expeditions. Conditions were sunny and hot for three of the trips, and cool and wet for one.

      The overnight camping trip was to Grey Cliff camping area - a part of the Yuragir National Park coastal walk. Frequent showers were met, and overnight the minimum temp dropped to 19 C (66 F) while the day time temp was 26 C (79 F). Humidity was around the 70-80% mark.


      Wow! I'm converted; I love using a kettle to boil water now. It seems so much more civilized, and safer, than using a pot of some kind. The GSI Stainless has preformed flawlessly and while it's really only a one-trick pony, it does that beautifully.

      Due to severe weather over this summer, there have been long periods of total fire bans, and plenty of wildfires in my region. Conversely, when we haven't been on fire, we've had flooding, with major floods occuring accross the State. All this weather has made it a bit tricky to test the GSI Stainless over open fires, so I've used it on my gas canister stove mostly.

      Despite being used over some very sooty fires, the GSI Stainless has polished up to look near new. Most soot is easily removed with soap, water and a nylon scouring pad, which I always have in my kitchen kit. That makes the kettle very easy to store and transport without getting soot right through my pack. There are a few permanent stains, and some discolouration of the steel from heat, but otherwise it seems pretty darn clean to me, especially when compared to my other cook pots which are permanently blackened. That, by itself, is reason enough for me to carry the minimal extra weight of a stainless steel pot. After all, to transport the kettle, I just put it in my pack; there's no need to have a separate stuff sack for it (which adds weight).

      I have noticed a bit of a rattle has developed when transporting the kettle loose, so I've found it to be easiest to stuff a pair of socks (clean) inside the kettle and stretch a rubber band across the kettle and lid. Problem solved. Of course, when the kettle is in my pack there's no room for it to rattle anyway.

      I've still found the GSI Stainless handle to remain cool when used over any type of stove. In fact, I've gotten so used to the handle remaining cool I burned myself picking up another pot handle which doesn't remain cool. That's a real safety bonus for me; when I'm tired and not thinking clearly, the kettle doesn't attack me.

      Initially I was concerned the spout might get bashed about a bit, but it's remained sturdy and true, and pours beautifully. There's no need for guessing where the stream will go, as I have to for a couple of pots, and I know I'll get hot water in my mug every time. Way better than getting it down my legs! I also don't have to carry anything to lift it with as the lifter is integrated (another weight saving).

      In short, the GSI Stainless works exactly as advertised, and although I never saw a reason to carry a kettle before, I'm hooked now.


      The GSI Glacier Stainless Kettle is brilliant! It has a large enough base to be more stable than a lot of my pots, cleans very easily, and pours beautifully. When all I need to do is boil water on the trail, this is now my 'go-to' piece of kit. I don't have to carry an extra pot lifter or worry about burning my hands or feet, and it pours directly where I point it every time. The mouth of the kettle is even wide enough to put a cook-in-the-pouch meal inside for heating. One could cook inside the kettle, but it still remains easier to use a pot for that chore.

      So will I keep using the GSI Stainless? You betcha! It's light, versatile, and has a great meeting of form and function. In short, I love it!

      This concludes my Long Term Report on the GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Kettle and I'd like to thank both GSI Outdoors and BackpackGearTest.org for the opportunity of being a part of this test series.

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