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LTR - Outdoor Products Amphibian Pack - Andrea Murland

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  • Andrea Murland
    Trying this again, since last night s didn t work... ... From: Andrea Murland To: backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com Cc: Lyon Richard G Sent: Tuesday,
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      Trying this again, since last night's didn't work...

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      Subject: LTR - Outdoor Products Amphibian Pack - Andrea Murland

      Hi Richard,

      Here's my LTR on the Amphibian Pack. It worked great for me. Thanks for editing, see you on the next test!


      HTML: http://tinyurl.com/cxokqot


      Outdoor Products Amphibian Weather Defense Pack
      Long Term Report – March 5, 2013

      Field Conditions:
      In the Long Term Testing phase, I used the Amphibian Pack for a further 6 day hikes or skis in the Rockies, all for distances less than 10 km (6.2 mi), and at temperatures from -15 C (5 F) to 10 C (50 F). There was some light snow falling on one of those hikes.


      General Function:
      Overall, the Amphibian Pack does just what it needs to – carry stuff. I was able to comfortably fit my stuff sack of odds and ends, lunch, water, extra hats, mittens, and jackets, and some new geocaches to be placed inside. On one occasion I carried my avalanche gear inside the pack. It fit well, though I was then unable to put as much other stuff in. Although it was fine for the short ski that I was doing that didn’t actually require avalanche gear, in any situation where I was likely to actually need my avy stuff, I would also want the other contents of my emergency pack, which didn’t all fit in the Amphibian. In addition, it took longer to get my probe and shovel out of the pack than I am used to, though it wasn’t too bad.

      I continue to wish that the outside pockets accepted more stuff, but have come to appreciate that everything the pack is carrying is inside the main waterproof pocket. I also wish that there was an exterior mesh pocket (or something) for carrying water, as I found carrying water inside the pack to be generally inconvenient.

      I have continued to be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the Amphibian Pack is to carry. I haven’t missed the waist band at all. The pack balances well. I can’t comment on the comfort of the straps and back padding against bare skin or with summer layers, as the temperatures at this time of year don’t allow for wandering around outside without multiple layers on.

      Waterproofing & Durability:
      The Amphibian Pack has continued to keep water off the contents, and looks as good as new. A bit of mud that got onto the pack easily wiped off, so the pack doesn’t even look dirty.

      I have really enjoyed testing the Outdoor Products Amphibian Weather Defense Pack. It worked great as a winter pack, keeping the contents protected from snow, and allowing space for a lot of extra layers. I definitely think that it has earned a place in my kit for dive trips as well, it did an awesome job!

      Thumbs Up:
      Comfortable to carry
      A good amount of space in the main pocket

      Thumbs Down:
      Small exterior pockets
      No built-in method of carrying water externally

      Thanks to Outdoor Products and BackpackGearTest.org for the chance to test this pack!
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