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Application: Cascade LuxuryLite Cot - Kurt Papke

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  • Kurt Papke
    1. Disclaimer: I have read the BackpackGearTest.org bylaws v. 0609 in their entirety and my signed compliance statement is on file. 2. Bio: Resident of Tucson,
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      1. Disclaimer: I have read the BackpackGearTest.org bylaws v. 0609 in
      their entirety and my signed compliance statement is on file.

      2. Bio: Resident of Tucson, AZ. 6' 4", 235 lbs, age 59, gender=male,
      e-mail: kwpapke(at)gmail(dot)com. I do a variety of canyon, mountain
      and desert hiking, mostly in southern Arizona. I have been primarily
      a hammock camper, but lately a number of my hikes have been to areas
      with few trees, or where hammocks are forbidden (Grand Canyon). When
      not using a hammock I use a weighty (2+lb) inflatable mat.

      3. Link to Previous Test Reports:

      4. Current load=1 (Carbonlite poles). Link to Test Status Page:

      5. Outstanding Applications: none

      6. BGT Roles: call manager, monitor(1)

      7. Test plan: I have been looking to purchase a cot for some time for
      use in trailhead camping - I quite often drive to the trailhead on
      Friday night and camp there before embarking on my backpacking trips.
      The LuxuryLite really intrigues me, as it will not only serve that
      purpose, but it is only a few ounces heavier than my pad, so I don't
      see a big penalty taking it on backpacking trips.

      My body is about 4" longer than this cot, and I am a fairly Big Guy.
      The good news is I'll push the limits of both length and supported
      weight, the bad news is it may not be fair to have someone test the
      gear who is too big for it at the outset. However, I am mostly a side
      sleeper, so I don't think length will be a limiting factor. It'll be
      interesting to see how well I would fare sleeping on my side, as its
      the same width as my pad, but the side supports may be uncomfortable
      when my legs are resting on them. Note: I will not qualify for
      testing the lightweight 4-pole setup, as I am well over the 175lb

      I am taken with the idea of being able to sleep up off the ground.
      Here in AZ we have things like tarantulas and scorpions that crawl
      around at night, and this cot would allow me to do more cowboy and/or
      tarp camping.

      Depending on when the test begins, I may be able to include another
      trip to the Grand Canyon. I'd also like to take it to Aravaipa
      Canyon, a watery spot with few hammock sites. As the summer heat
      builds, I'll take it on weekend backpacks to the Santa Ritas and the
      Penalenos in June.

      What I'll be looking for during the test will be ease of
      setup/teardown and comfort. The instructional video looked like it is
      a bit complicated and not idiot-proof enough for me to not set it up
      incorrectly a few times ;-) It *looks* like the fabric may not be
      all that breathable (laminated nylon?), so it'll be interesting to see
      how I might fare with it on those 90F Tucson summer nights.

      I am really jazzed to participate in this test, as it will allow me to
      backpack to destinations that I have avoided since moving to AZ almost
      4 years ago, due to the lack of trees for my hammocks.

      Thanks in advance for considering my application.

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