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[EDIT] IR: Mountainsmith - Carbonlite Trekking Pole - Kurt Papke

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  • jetriple
    ... http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/IR%20-%20MS%20poles%20-%20Kurt/ ... Hi Kurt... Thanks for your Pole report. Sorry for the delay in
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2013
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      > James: my IR can be found here:
      > or http://tinyurl.com/b97p3p3

      Hi Kurt... Thanks for your Pole report. Sorry for the delay in getting
      back to you. I was out last week, and came back with a cold. And... my
      backup at work, well, didn't.

      Anyway... Your report looks great. I have a few small edits below, and
      then you can feel free to upload to the official folder. Please delete
      the test copy once you have uploaded.

      Thanks again! I look forward to the next installment.

      James E. Triplett
      Mountainsmith - Carbonlite Trekking Pole Monitor


      I appreciate the strain they take off of my knees, and they have saved my
      from innumerable falls.
      [EDT] "saved my" should be "saved me"

      I've had 3-section adjustable poles before, and this is the first pair
      I've used that don't have measurements on the lower section.
      [Edit] Depending on whether "pair" is singular or plural? you may want to
      change "don't" to "doesn't". (they don't, it doesn't.)

      I inferred that meant I should use them fully extended, and the markings
      for that were plainly labelled.
      [EDIT] Spelling: labeled

      The poles seemed very natural to me, I will need no adjusting to them in
      the field.
      [Edit] This seems awkward to me. Consider something like "The poles
      seemed very natural to me and shouldn't need any adjusting to them in the

      I am excited to get the Carbonlite poles out into the backcountry and put
      then through their paces.
      [EDIT] "then" should be "them"


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