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LTR: Suisse Sport K2 Sleeping Bag - Christensen

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  • Ryan Christensen
    Kurt, et al: Here is my Long-Term report on the Exxel Outdoors Suisse Sport K2 sleeping bag.  It is later than expected due to my having to go out of town. 
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2013
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      Kurt, et al:

      Here is my Long-Term report on the Exxel Outdoors Suisse Sport K2 sleeping bag.  It is later than expected due to my having to go out of town.  Sorry for the lack of an in-use photo...I seem to have lost (hopefully just misplaced) my SD card.

      The HTML file is available for your review and comment via this link: http://snipurl.com/264fyng and the text version is included below as well.

      Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.  Ryan

      January 13, 2013

      I slept in this sleeping bag 6 nights during the test series.

      -     smooth fabric
      -    color combination
      -    width through the chest/shoulders   

      -    quality of workmanship
      -    chest baffle placement
      -    zipper

      Field Locations and Test Conditions:
      In late October, I took the K2 on an overnight backpack to Aldous and Hancock Lakes north of Kilgore, Idaho near the Continental Divide Trail, in the Centennial Mountains. Located along the Idaho / Montana border, these mountains are one of the few mountain ranges in the United States that run east to west. Aldous Lake is 7,340 ft (2,237 m) above sea level. It is a steep 1 mi (1.6 km) hike from Aldous to Hancock Lake. However, the trail drops down into Hancock Lake, which sits in a bowl formed by a landslide. At Hancock Lake, one can see the Centennial Mountains and the Continental Divide ridge. Weather conditions were good, clear skies, no wind, and over night low temperature was near freezing.

      The zipper continued to have issues. It does not stay securely in place; it comes unzipped as I move around in the night. I actually ended up using the bag much like a quilt (with my fleece jacket between me and my sleeping pad) to get through the night on my last backpacking trip. Had temperatures been much colder, this would have been an issue as I did not have another bag with me. 

      As stated in my Field Report, the hood does not cinch tightly around my face. This results in the warm air escaping and/or cold seeping in. Because I used the bag like a quilt, this was not a major issue for me. However, if temperatures had been much colder, this would have been an issue. I would recommend the manufacturer adjust the hood such that it cinches tighter around the user's face. 

      The placement of the chest baffle continues to baffle me. When I am higher in the bag to utilize the hood, the baffle seems to be placed too low for me. When, I slide down in the bag a bit, the baffle seems to be right under my chin. I would recommend the manufacturer rework the chest baffle and its placement. 

      Because of the issues noted above, I would personally be reluctant to use the K2 anywhere near the bag's low temperature rating (5 - 10 F or -15 to -12 C). However, this is an entry-level priced bag, designed primarily for car camping. Therefore, I do not want to be too harsh in my assessment. I believe the K2 to be adequate for car camping and use in temperatures somewhat warmer than those for which the manufacturer has rated it. 

      The workmanship issues noted in my Initial Report: loose threads, uneven seams, fraying material, and stuffing sticking through a seam did not seem to worsen during the course of the test.

      This concludes my Suisse Sport K2 sleeping bag test series. Thanks to Exxel Outdoors and BackpackGearTest for allowing me to participate in this test.

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