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Repost - LTR - McKinley Sleeping Bag - Erin Foudy

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  • erinfoudy
    Hi Coy, Sorry for the repost but for some reason I can t seem to get a tinyurl link that actually works. Below is the full link for my HTML version. Here is
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      Hi Coy,

      Sorry for the repost but for some reason I can't seem to get a tinyurl link that actually works. Below is the full link for my HTML version.

      Here is my final report for the Exxel McKinley bag. Thank you for all your time and edits. Below you will find the text version of my report.

      HTML version here: http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/LTR%20-%20McKinley%20Sleeping%20Bag%20-%20Erin%20Foudy/


      Long Term Report:

      Field Conditions:

      Coronado National Forest, Josephine Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains for a 2-day, 1-night car camping trip over New Years. Elevation at around 4,500 ft (1,370 m). Temperatures ranged from 15 F to 45 F (-9 C to 7 C).

      Rincon Mountain District of Saguaro National Park, Happy Valley on a 2-day, 1-night car camping trip. The elevation was about 4,500 ft (1,370 m). Temperatures ranged from 25 F to 50 F (-4 to 10 C).

      Coronado National Forest, Mt Lemmon for a 3-day, 2-night weekend car camping trip with some friends, kids, and dogs. The elevation was about 8,000 ft (2,438 m) with temperatures ranging from 30 F to 50 F (-1 to 10 C).

      Performance in the Field:

      The majority of the time I have used the McKinley bag I have been pretty surprised, as well as satisfied, with the warmth this bag has provided. That was true until the very last night I used the bag over New Years Eve. As mentioned previously in this report, I get cold easily, because of that I try to take the proper precautions while sleeping (long under ware, fleece leggings, a beanie, and a sleeping bag liner) so that I can in fact sleep. The temperatures got pretty low where we were camping that night, it had even snowed on us a bit while we were setting up camp. Considering the temperatures I wasn't surprised, albeit a little bummed, when I woke up very cold and shivering in the night. Lucky for me my boyfriend was also awake from the cold and was willing to run to the truck to get our other sleeping bags. Once in both bags, the McKinley inside my usual cold weather sleeping bag, I slept like a baby the rest of the night.

      On the other nights I slept in the bag I experienced the same comfort as reported in my previous field report. I slept comfortably as far as warmth but was annoyed by the placement of the chest baffle, along with the drawstring and plastic cinch for the chest baffle that dug into my back and shoulder. The most inconvenient and annoying part of the McKinley bag was the zipper that continuously came unzipped whenever I moved while inside it. Aside from these issues I have been pleased in how well the material of the bag has held up. The fabric has not frayed or come apart any more then first noted when I received the bag. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the stuff sack the McKinley came in. The fabric on the sack is wearing thin and looks as if it could rip apart at any second.


      The McKinley sleeping bag is about what I would expect for a more economically priced bag. It has some design flaws, and the materials used for the bag are, in my opinion, not the best. However, for a very affordable bag it got the job done in all but one night I used it. The McKinley bag is rated for 0 to 5 F (-18 to -15 C), however, given my experiences using this bag I cannot recommend its use below 25 F (-4 C).

      1. One sized bag is long enough for my tall frame
      2. No further unraveling of the fabric
      3. Bag keeps me comfortable and warm for the most part

      1. Zipper unzips on its own during the night
      2. Chest baffle is located to low on my body
      3. Chest baffle drawstring and plastic cinch dig into my back and shoulder
      4. Bag does not hold up to its temperature rating of 0 to 5 F (-18 to -15 C)
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