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LTR - Exxel Mammoth Tent - Alex Legg

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    I posted this last night, but it doesn t seem to be showing up on the list this morning, so I am posting it again. Here is my LTR for the Mammoth tent. The
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      I posted this last night, but it doesn't seem to be showing up on the list this morning, so I am posting it again.

      Here is my LTR for the Mammoth tent. The text is below and the HTML is at:


      Field Report:

      Field Conditions:

      My family and friends and I used the Mammoth a few times during this testing period. The locations are written below.

      I slept in the Mammoth with three friends on an overnight trip to the Santa Rita mountains in Coronado National Forest for New Years Eve. The tent was set up at 4,500 ft (1,370 m). The temperature ranged from 15 F to 45 F (-9 C to 7 C).

      I also used the Mammoth tent on an overnight trip to Happy Valley in the Rincon Mountain District of Saguaro National Park. Two adults and two dogs were comfortable inside as the temperature ranged from 25 F to 50 F (-4 to 10 C) at about 4,500 ft (1,370 m).

      We took the Mammoth up Mt Lemmon in Coronado National Forest for a two night weekend car camping trip with some friend, kids, and dogs. The elevation was about 8,000 ft (2,438 m) and the temperature ranged from 30 F to 50 F (-1 to 10 C).

      Performance in the Field:

      I keep coming back to discussing the size of this tent. I have never owned such a large tent before and the Mammoth is just a really big tent in my opinion. I can fit a lot of people standing up inside with a good amount of head room and arm space to spare. It is a fun car camping and group camping tent. I think it would be great for a music festival but I haven't gotten the chance to take it to one yet. I am hoping to get the chance this summer.

      I have slept four adults in the tent and could easily fit another one or two. Maybe even a few dogs after that. I can't really say how many people I have had sitting in it, but it is quite a lot more. My dogs tend to roam around in the space like it's their very own second house, laying on everyone's stuff and requiring a lot of persuasion to move. I took the divider piece out during my Field Report mainly for the dogs, and I haven't decided to put it up again since. It really just seemed more like a distraction than a useful addition to the tent. I don't think there is much privacy to be found while camping with others anyhow, so why try and pretend.

      I haven't experienced any leaking at all, but I have had a lot of condensation in the early morning. A couple mornings there was a light layer of frost along the inside of the tent that melted into the fabric creating a well saturated tent that took the better part of a day to dry in 65 F (18 C) temperature back at my house. I can't say the tent does much for keeping me warm when it gets wet or in any weather near or below freezing. Again I think I will have better luck in the summertime with the tent at a music festival or on a large group trip.

      The rainfly seems a bit small at times over the side windows. A few times I had to shake or wipe off the accumulation of snow that was settling near the bottom of the side windows. I think it could have created a mess inside if any of it managed to melt and drip through. It wasn't a huge amount of snow, but I thought it was enough to warrant a shaking.

      When I take the Mammoth down I run into the same problem every time. In fact I ran into it so often during my Field Report that I just brought along a couple of long bungee cords to solve the problem. The problem is that I have never been able to fit the tent back into the original bag despite my efforts of opening doors and windows to allow for air to escape and countless re-folding attempts to get it right. It may be that my inexperience with tents of this size has caused this problem, but frankly I don't care. I just roll it up and wrap my bungee cords around it and call it good. I throw it up on my shoulder and carry it like a timber on a job site. It seems to work fine for me.


      In my opinion the Mammoth tent is really all about its size. If I was alone in there I could probably hear an echo. The tent is easy to set up and take down with two people and not so easy for me to get back into the bag. It makes a great group tent, party tent, and playhouse for kids and dogs. Some of the material seems more on the economical side, but has not failed me terribly as of yet. I will continue to use the Mammoth tent on my car camping trips as long as the tent will last.

      Things I like:
      1. More than enough room to enjoy
      2. Easy to set up with two people

      Things I don't like:
      1. Fabric obsorbes water and tent becomes cold.
      2. Divider.. Why even bother?
      3. I have never been able to get this tent back into the bag.
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